Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fiction)

Celina Smith, Niall's 18 year old cousin in a small town in America, fells in love with Niall's bandmate Harry Styles when the 5 boys come visit for a week. While dating Harry must keep Celina's identity a secret to avoid direct hate to her and her personal life a secret. Will they be able to keep Celina's identity a secret? Will Smyles last? Will Celina and Harry be able to have a normal romance and get away from the paps and media? Find out in my fan fiction: Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fic)


1. They're Here

Celina's P.O.V. I woke up early, excited. Nobody was up. I run downstairs, deciding to make a smoothie for myself for breakfast. After eating I get dressed for a jog. "why is nobody up yet in this house" I thought to myself. I looked at the clock, it was earlier then I thought. 5:00 a.m. I grabbed my phone and headphones and made my way out to my car. When I got in the gas was almost empty. "Great" I pulled into the gas station pulling up to the pump. Once I was done I headed into the convenience store to pay. On the way out I run into a tall hooded figure. "Ow! Watch where your going!" I scolded him, hoping for a sincere apology. "Sorry." he muttered looking up causing his hood to fall as he walked away. I could that he to was going to be jogging sometime soon due to the lack of sweat on him and at what looked to be workout clothing considering this small town doesn't have a gym. When I got into my car I drove to the memorial park. My normal place to jog. When I bothered to jog that was. I popped in my headphones and made my way down the path. After about fifthteen minutes of jogging I decided to take a break. I closed my eyes for a minute and to open them to the same guy that ran into me at the gas station. I now had a better look at him. "Like what you see?" He smirked. I realized I was stareing. "Ehhh" I said playing hard to get and looking at the time on my phone. "Crap!" It was almost 6:30. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. I have to go." I didn't want to leave. I wanted to know who the now sunglassed stranger was. I could tell he was hiding who he was. I wasted no time driving home. Once inside I silently creept through the house. no one was up yet. I was all sweaty and needed to take a shower. I hoped in the warm water. It felt good after being in the early fall morning weather. I decided today was special, since I was going to see my cousin Niall and finally meet his band mates. So I decided to wear my purple keep calm and dance crop top with my ripped bowtie skinny jeans, purple lace TOMS, dance necklace, a set of braclets, and a tiara. I checked the clock, It was almost 8:30. The boys would be here at 11 and I heard noise downstairs. It was my parents and my grandmother. Meghan was still asleep. Nothing new there. "Meghan!!!!" I basically yelled making her jump out of her bed on the floor. She did live with us, but since the boys were coming me and her had to share a room and bathroom. She grabbed some clothes and ran into the bathroom. I curled my hair and put on natural makeup while I waited. She stepped out of our now shared bathroom wearing dark mint skinny jeans, her the north face sweatshirt, and her white lace TOMS. She curled her pink tips like my blonde ones. We talked about random things until my mom called us down for breakfast. "Yay!!!! Eggs!!!" we both squealed at the same time causing all three of them to cover their ears. After breakfast we headed back upstairs. By now it was 10:20. "We need to clean up a bit. The boys will be here before we know it." "Yay. Cleaning." she said. "Hey! Watch your tone with me!!!" I teased her causing us both to laugh while we cleaned up. I heard the doorbell and many screams of teenage girls, followed by my mother's. "Celina!!! Meghan!!! They're here!!! Come Help!!!" I ran down the stairs tackling Niall in a hug wrapping my legs around him. "I missed You so much Celina!!!!!" "I missed you to Niall!!!" I said coming out of the hug. I turned to the other four boys. Shaking each one of their hands. Coming to the last remembering the sunglasses the stranger was wearing. "How? What?" I mentally asked myself as he removed the sunglasses. Revealing his indenity...
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