Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fiction)

Celina Smith, Niall's 18 year old cousin in a small town in America, fells in love with Niall's bandmate Harry Styles when the 5 boys come visit for a week. While dating Harry must keep Celina's identity a secret to avoid direct hate to her and her personal life a secret. Will they be able to keep Celina's identity a secret? Will Smyles last? Will Celina and Harry be able to have a normal romance and get away from the paps and media? Find out in my fan fiction: Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fic)


4. The Stranger is Who???????????

"Hi! I'm Harry. And you are?" He smiled revealing his dimples while removing his sunglasses. "Celina" I held out a my hand but was pulled into a hug. "That's a pretty name for a beautiful girl." My cheeks got hot and I thought to myself: 'cuter in person and hotter'. I looked in Nial's direction, he was glaring at Harry. His glare was interepted by Meghan coming up introducing herself to him. "Hi! I'm....." I zoned her out. I knew she thought he was hot. Some might be creeped that best friend had a crush on them. "Anyone hungry?" I asked walking over back to the group of them talking about who knows what. "YAYYYY!" Niall screamed. I walked to the kitchen and started making chicken salad wraps. Now that I think about it, it's kind of creepy how the kitchen was blinded by a wall dividing the two rooms. I focused on the wraps until I felt hands wrapped around my waist, hugging me from behind. I turned around to a dimpled smile. "Your hug wasn't long enough earlier." I smiled back him. "Need any help?" "Sure" "What can I do?" "You can grab the plates out of the cabinet, you can sing, you can uhh dance?" the part I said being more of a question. "Which cabinet? And I can dance if I do say so myself." I chucked at him saying 'if I do say so myself. ****About 3 hours later**** "Need anything from the store?" "No" Meghan and I answered at the same time. "Bye" My grandmother and mom called out as they headed out the door. No screams. I smiled to myself, glad all the girls and paps were gone from earlier and the neighborhood gates people had to show identity to get through. 'just us 2two girls and one direction. My dad had left before to go to work since someone had called in sick. He will be home tomorrow I thought to myself walking back to the living room. "Tour anyone?" I asked as all of them jumped to follow me. Meghan got a call on her phone and sat back on the couch as we headed upstairs. "Niall you will be staying in your usual room and can start unpacking since you already know where everything is. As for the rest of you follow me." I showed them each to their rooms after the small tour. Meghan and I though it was a good idea to label all the bedrooms with their name or who's it was and the bathroom as who's bathroom. Harry's was the last down the hallway. "So here you are I said opening the door. He went in. "You can come in and help if you want." "okay" I quickly sat on the bed. "Hang these up, love" he handed me the clothes and I took them into the closet. "So how is everything?" I asked trying to get to know him. After about twenty minutes there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" All the boys and Meghan piled in. "You guys unpacked fast" I said looking at the still helping Harry, wishing they would have just went into the lounge. "Yeah, we didn't waste anytime. So now what?" Louis asked "We'll meet you guys in the lounge down the hall. Meghan will show you." "Follow me" She yelled while walking out of the room and out of the room the boys following her. I watched as they left noticing Niall glaring at Harry again. Harry rolled his eyes. The door closed. "So you run?" Harry asked breaking the silence. "Yeah. Sometimes. When I'm in a good mood. And sometimes I walk." "Would you like o run with me tomorrow morning?" He asked, I could tell the nervousness in his voice. "I'd be delighted to." I said smiling and my checks got red. "Come on better go before Niall comes" I suggested, while closing the closet door walking over to the door. "Hold on" Harry said as I walked, causing me to stop and him to catch up. As we walked our fingers touched. He grabbed my hand interlocking it with his. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. I let go when we got to the door, Harry got why. He sat down on the couch next to Liam. "What should we do?" "How about a movie?" Niall answered. "I'll go get one" I offered. "I'll Help." Niall said tagging along with me as I walked down the stairs. "Stay away from Harry." He commended at me. "Niall number one I may be your cousin but I can protect myself. Number two I'm not your dog, so don't tell me what to do." I started raising my voice. " And most of all NUMBER THREE you can flirt with my best friend but I can't look at Harry? That's not fair. If you can flirt with her I like and talk to HARRY!!!!!!!" I yelled the last sentence. "FINE!!!" He yelled. We were now downstairs in the room with the movies. "EVERYTHING OKAY DOWN THERE??????" Zayn yelled. "NEVER BETTER!!!!!" I yelled back at him. I grabbed the movie 'Independence Day' and ran up the stairs leaving Niall alone in the room and almost running into Harry walking down the second flight of stairs. My eyes watered before I bumped into him. "you okay?" He asked, a worried look in his eyes. "Yeah I need a hug." "I think I can help with that." He said pulling me into a hug. I heard footsteps and pulled away Harry while I ran up the stairs but grabbed his hand first. Harry's P.O.V. She walked out of the room with Niall on her heels. "So what's new?" Liam asked raising an eye brow. I could tell Zayn. Louis, and Meghan were on the edge of their seats. "we're going on a walk around the block tomorrow morning." "That's nice." As soon as the words left her mouth their was yelling downstairs. "and talk to HARRY." I only heard the end of it. I looked at them wide eyed and got up off the couch. "EVERYTHING OKAY DOWN THERE??????" Zayn yelled. "NEVER BETTER!!!!!!!" I heard Celina yell. Slowly I walked out of the room and started down the stairs. Celina ran into me. "You okay?" I asked just wanting to scoop her up and take her away to her castle when I saw her eyes were watery. "Yeah I need a hug." I pulled her into a tight hug. Only to hear Niall coming towards the stairs. She pulled away grabbing my hand and running back to what her and Meghan called the lounge.
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