Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fiction)

Celina Smith, Niall's 18 year old cousin in a small town in America, fells in love with Niall's bandmate Harry Styles when the 5 boys come visit for a week. While dating Harry must keep Celina's identity a secret to avoid direct hate to her and her personal life a secret. Will they be able to keep Celina's identity a secret? Will Smyles last? Will Celina and Harry be able to have a normal romance and get away from the paps and media? Find out in my fan fiction: Mystery girl (A Harry Fan Fic)


2. Characters/ A/N

Celina Smith: Hair: Long dark brown with blonde dip-dye and wavy at the bottom/side part Eyes: Dark brown Nose: Button nose Lips: Light pink Skin: Light tan Height: 5'7 Piercings: Belly button, cartilage, and two bottom ears piecing Meghan Smith: Hair: Long blonde beach waves with pink dip-dye/random part Eyes: Light blue Nose: Button nose Lips: Light pink Skin: Medium tan Height: 5'6 Piercings: Same as Celina Davielle (dav-i-el) Hair: Short straight dark brown Eyes: Dark brown Nose: Button nose Skin: African American ( I'm not trying to mean or offend anyone so that's why I said African American) Height: 5'6 1/2 Piercings: None *All character live in Sycamore, a small town in America and all high aged go to school called Southwest High A/N I'll give more descriptions of more characters as they enter the story. Thanks for reading!!! Comment if u want more!!!!
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