Seduced by My Step Brothers

BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay teen boys under one roof, as Charlie says "I could write a book about that."


2. Moving In

When I opened the door I saw a woman, about 5'6", mid back length blonde hair, and bright green eyes. "You're pretty." I said without thinking.

"You wouldn't be hitting on your step mum, would you?" A dirty blond, greenish bluish eyed boy asked with a chuckle.

"Nope, gay. So gay I make rainbows looks straight." I said, once again without thinking. "Excuse me while I go get my mouth under control." I said, turning and walking up the stairs.

I walked into my room and shut the door behind me. I soon began pacing back and forth in front of my closet, whose doors were turned into mirrors. I looked at my reflection, ruffled brown hair, a slightly too big white shirt and a pair of dark grey basketball shorts. Light, but noticeable, circles around my blue eyes. I had no clue about these people until literally five minutes ago, so of course I wasn't presentable.

I slid open one of the doors, rummaging through the clothes that one of the servants had hung. Yes, my father is rich. Yes, we have a large house; complete with servants.

After a few minutes of making a bloody mess of my closet I had chosen an outfit. I pulled on a black shirt with a batman logo and a pair of board washed skinny jeans. I slipped out of my room and into the bathroom, grabbed my brush, and ran it through my hair, styling it with gel.

I then preceded to walk down the stairs, kind of regretting it. "Charlie, can you go help Michael bring that dresser in?" My father asked me.

"If I must." I said with a sigh. You have to understand, I'm lazy. I admit it, I accept it, hell, I embrace it!

"Yes, yes you must." He said and walked off.

I walked into the large driveway and saw three blonde boys all walking around, moving stuff. "Michael?!" I yelled, and the youngest looking one walked over to me. "My dad asked me to help you bring in a dresser." I said.

"Oh, that." He said pointing at a dark mahogany dresser. "Thanks, and just call me Mike." He said as we stopped in front of it. "Just for less confusion, that is Jake-" He said, pointing at the oldest looking one of them all. "- and that is Anthony, everyone calls him Tony though." He said. "Jake is the oldest, Tony is the middle child, and I would be the youngest. Of course, only minutes between the three of us." He said with a smile.

"Thanks for clearing that up." I said and picked up a side of the dresser. "Where are we taking this?" I asked him.

"Well your dad already showed us around, I have the room next to yours, Jake is across from you, and Tony is across from mine. And of course, your dad and my mum have the master on the third floor." He explained. "This is going in my room." He said, finally answering the question.

"We are taking the lift." I said. "I am not carrying this thing up those spiral stairs." I finished and led the way.


It took a few hours, but we eventually got everything inside. Granted, most things were still packed away in boxes. Gladly, I didn't have to deal with any of that. It was now dinner time so we had all came from our rooms and into the dining room. My dad sat at one end, Chelsea beside him. I sat at the other end, Jake to my right and Tony and Mike to my left.

"Summer vacation has just started, so you boys have three months to get used to each other and the area before school starts." My dad announced, breaking the silence as the servants placed the food in front of us. "Charlie here will show you around and get you aquantied with some of his friends so you will know people on the first day." My father said. He had mentioned no such thing to me, but I didn't really mind.

"Thank you Charlie." Chelsea said, her head slightly turned towards me.

"No problem." I said, picking up my fork and beginning dinner.

After dinner I walked into the kitchen like always. "Hey Rosie, dinner was great." I told the chef.

"Like always." She replied with a smirk. "Here." She said, pushing me a slice of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. My father didn't allow me to eat sweets, but Rosie would always sneak me some after dinner.

"Thanks." I said, picking up the fork that laid on the plate. "You're amazing."

"Always have been, always will be." She replied, and turned to clean up the kitchen so she could head off to bed. The main servants lived with us, all their rooms on the first floor.

I stuck a bite in my mouth and all but moaned. "This is amazing woman! You have got to teach me how to bake." I told her.

"Maybe one day." She said with a smile. Rosie was Hawaiian and German, she took more after the German side. She had light blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was in her mid thirties and already widowed. I felt bad for her, but she always said that she wouldn't let anything stop her from doing what she loved, cooking. She came from a good family and had a great education. She could be working at a five star restaurant, but she said that she didn't like dealing with a lot of people, she was happy with where she was.

I looked down on the counter and noticed that there was still a small stack of left over invitations to my mum's funeral. "What are these still doing here? Thats was over a year ago." I said picking them up.

"No one had the heart to throw them away." Rosie said. It had a picture of my mum on it, her large and carefree smile plastered on her face. She was the one that hired all the servants, she is the one that helped me get close to Rosie, to think of her as a second mum.

"I miss her." I murmured.

"We all do hun." She said softly, her voice slightly cracking with emotion. "She was a good person, she didn't deserve what happened to her." She said, and I nodded in agreement.

"It was my fault you know." I said. "I was being a git that night. I had wanted to spend the night out but they wouldn't let me because my father had a company dinner that night that we had to go to. If I would have just behaved she wouldn't have had the driver take us home early. If I had behaved we would have still been in that restaurant with all those boring suits instead of in the path of a drunkard." I said in a hushed voice.

"Charlie, that was not your fault." She said. "Everyone knows that."

"You know what? I think he blames me for it, my dad. He hasn't looked me in the eye once since her death." I replied. "I think he hates me because I killed his wife. I killed my mum." I said, tears threatening to spill. "I remember the look on his face when he got to the hospital. He ran right past me and asked the doctor how my mum was. She was still in surgery at the time and he told him that he would go get an update. I remember the look on the doctor's face when he came back, he looked so sorry. I didn't even wait for the news, I ran. I ran right out of the hospital doors and down the street. I found a nice little forest where I could cry and no one would hear me. I stayed there for hours before I came back. I only went back to the hospital because it was getting dark and I didn't want to worry my dad. But when I got back he didn't even acknowledge me, like he didn't even notice, or care, that I was gone." By now my entire body was shaking with heavy sobs. "He still talks to me, he just doesn't look at me, and the care that used to be in his voice when he talked to me, it-it's gone Rosie. His care for me is gone." I cried.

"Love, you know that's not true." She said. "Your dad loves you, and he does not blame you for your mums death. No one does." She said, embracing me like she always does when I get upset."

"Good night Rosie." I whispered, picking up the invitations, swung the door open and walked out of the kitchen.

"Ow." A voice moaned. And there stood my three gorgeous and gay step brothers.

"How long have you been there?" I asked.

"Since a woman said 'no one had the heart to throw them away.'" Mike replied sheepishly.

"Act like you didn't hear a thing." I said and walked off.

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