Seduced by My Step Brothers

BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay teen boys under one roof, as Charlie says "I could write a book about that."


11. Jake and Mike <3

Jake's POV

I understood that Charlie was hurt too, but Tony was my brother; therefore the higher priority in this situation. However, after Charlie's out burst about how I should think about how hurt he was, I decided that this was something that these two were going to have to work out by themselves. "Come on Mike." I said, gently wrapping my fingers around his thin, delicate upper arm. He gave me a small nod and stepped closer to me. "Tony, you should talk to him." I said before leaving to my room with Mike.

Mike entered the room after me, gently closing the door and walking over to me with an all to familiar look on his face. "Jakey." He said, a small smile playing at his lips. "That won't ever happen to us, will it?" He asked, placing a sweet, feather light peck on my neck as he straddled me.

"Of course not, Baby." I whispered, pulling his body closer to me. "Give me a kiss." I instructed, puckering my lips. He smiled and leaned in closer to me, his lips pressed firmly against mine. I smiled and flicked my tongue out and across his lips, asking for entrance that he granted me instantly. "Always so eager." I said with a soft chuckle, mainly to myself. I stuck my hands under his shirt and let them explore his soft, cold skin.

"You're so warm." He whispered, pressing his body closer to mine. I let out another chuckle before flipping us over, me hovering above him, lowering my head closer to him, slowly. Oh so slowly that I was becoming impatient. None the less, I kept the pace, slowly moving towards him, pulled up his shirt and gave his flat belly a soft kiss.

I have always loved the paleness of his skin, the feel of him against me, the feeling of his lips pressed against mine, the look he makes right before he cums, and the noises he made. To me, he was perfection; the perfect bottom. I wish I could get those romantic feelings for him, I wish I could love him, but I can't. I can't deny the physical attraction I have for him, but the romantic feelings? They just aren't there. I wish he was able to pull me in, I wish that I could feel something for him, but I just can't.

"They're home!" Tony whispered in a loud, hostile manor. I heard Mike huff something like 'of course' as he pulled himself from my bed and out of the room. Honestly, it's not like our mum even checks on us, but just in case as Tony says. I have to agree with him, it is the best thing to do for now, we can't risk it.

I let out a long sigh and laid on my back, my arm over my eyes. He had a way to make me hard, fast, and now we couldn't finish. I see a longcold shower in the very near future.

Mike's POV - next day

Jake had a way of making me blush with everything he did, said. Just little murmurs of 'hello', or even a simple 'hi' had my face flushing. After all this time of being with him, I still hadn't gotten use to the way that he makes me feel. I loved the way that every time he touched me, he let his fingers linger for a second or two longer than needed, the way that his scent just called me to him like a common street whore. But I wouldn't mind being a whore, as long as I was his whore.

Don't misunderstand, I care for Tony deeply too, I just always had that stronger pull to Jake. Honestly though, I doubt that Tony even noticed. We always acted like this was an exclusive thing, just the three of us forever, but Tony is quite the whore. He sleeps with cousins, friends, strangers, and step-brothers as of recently. Tony never just wanted us, he would never be satisfied with just us three. I truly hope that Charlie doesn't fall for his charms, because he will get crushed. Tony could never be monogamous, and ,most likely, never will be. Tony is my brother and I want him to be happy, but not at someone else's expense.

I felt a warm breath fan across the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. A hand slid around the side of my torso and down my upper thigh until it was snug between my legs. "Mike." He moaned in my ear, teasing me with a seductive tone.

 My body felt warm and every inch of my tingled to be touched. "Jake." I whimpered as he pressed himself closer to me, his hard on poking at my back. I felt myself get hard, the thought of him rubbing himself against me turning me on more and more with each passing second that his body made contact with mine. I slid down the stool and tugged on his hand, dragging him over to the stairs and into the nearest room, not caring whom it belonged to. He kicked the door closed and tackled my lips, pressing against me with want and need before pushing me onto the bed with a wicked smirk that had me begging.  

The way that he slowly stalked over to me, like a predator to his prey, turned me on even more. The thought of him pouncing towards me at any moment, ready to devour me completely was almost too much to handle.

He pulled his shirt from his body, giving me complete view of his slightly tan skin and six pack. I crawled to the end of the bed and slowly reached a hand out to him, placing it on his abdomen before tracing the lines with a single finger. He roughly pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, tackling my lips full force.

His tongue pushed it's way into my mouth, not waiting for permission, and instantly took control. Our tongues intertwining in what seemed like a secret dance that only they knew, our bodies rubbing against each other, pulling off our clothes and flinging them god knows where.

His hands slid down my sides, stopping at my hips to dig his fingers into me, my dick twitching for attention against his strong stomach.

He kissed me deeper, harder, shoving his tongue down my throat. His fingers dug deeper into my hips and I could feel myself leak precum. He pulled back and moved his hands, one of them going to my dick to wipe off some of the precum before sticking his long finger into his mouth, moving it in and out slowly. "Jake." I whimpered. "I need you so bad." I whined, spreading my legs as far as they could go.

"What would you do without me Mike?" He asked with a sarcastic tone before putting his face between my legs. His tongue poked at my entry before licking up to my scrotum, his hand wrapping around my cock to give it soft, loose, slow pumps.

"Jake." I whined, not enjoying the teasing.

"Shh." He hushed me, sticking his tongue against my entry, pressing against it, but not actually entering. His tongue circled around the hole and then he spit on it, rubbing it around with his thumb while still giving me agonizingly slow pumps. He pushed the tip of his thumb into me before quickly pulling it back out, repeatingly doing so multiple times before pushing his entire thumb into me, causing me to moan in surprise and please.

He moved his thumb around a little before pulling it back out all too soon and sticking it into his mouth, sucking on it with a moan. "You taste so good Mikey."

He grabbed my elbows and pulled me up to him, slamming his lips against mine before laying me back down onto the bed.

Charlie's POV

I hadn't talked to any of the triplets since last night, and I don't plan on any of them talking to me. They are brothers, of course they are going to take Tony's side on this, and I don't expect any less. If I had brothers, I would hope for the same thing. I sighed as I got off the elevator and went to my room. I collapsed onto my bed and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to overtake me.


Um yeah.... Ima just slowly back out of the room before any of you throw rocks at me or something. Peace!

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