Seduced by My Step Brothers

BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay teen boys under one roof, as Charlie says "I could write a book about that."


4. A Surprising Discovery

Once my stomach was content with the amount of food that it had consumed, I stood. Just as I began to walk away, my father's voice stopped me. "Charlie, sit for a moment." He said, his eyes not leaving his newspaper. I awaited as patiently as I could for him to begin to talk, but it took a while. When he finished whatever article he was on, so I assume, he folded the paper back into a neat square and placed it on the table. He took a look around the table, and when his eyes reached me, he did everything to avoid eye contact. His eyes flicked off of me just as fast as they were on me, as if I were a sight for sore eyes.

"Boys, we are going on our honey moon." Chelsea said.

"We leave in a few hours, I am sure I can trust you all to not destroy the place while we are gone." My father cut in.

"Of course." All four of us chorused.

"Charlie, make sure you start introducing the boys to your friends." He said, not once looking in my direction. You would think that by now it wouldn't hurt, but it does. It hurts, a lot. Sometimes I just want to stand up and scream at him and demand him to look at me, right now especially. Instead, I nodded.

"I will." I said, and excused myself from the table. This time I finally managed to break away. I walked off like I was headed for the stairs, but rounded off and into the kitchen. My father didn't like me being in here, said that it distracted the staff. I knew that wasn't the case. He didn't like me being in here because he knew me and Mum used to do it all the time. "Rosie." I said, a sigh of relief escaping as I found her. "Honestly, this kitchen is far bigger than what is needed. Do you know how long it took me to find you?" I said with a smile.

"Are you sure it's not because, mentally, you're a blonde?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Offensive." I huffed, dragging out each and every syllable.

"Whatcha need kiddo?" She asked, whipping her hands on a towel and then throwing it over her shoulder.

"You." I said with a wink, and my attempt at a seductive smirk.

"For being gay, you sure do hit on me a lot." She said, a large smile on her face.

"I'm only straight for you." I said, following her around the kitchen.

"Sorry babe, I like older men." She said, patting my head.

"Fine then." I said with a huff. "Just think about what you are missing out on." I said. Motioning my hands up and down my body.

"Strut your stuff." She said, and I did. I did the catwalk, one foot in front of the other, hips swinging, and a pout on my face.

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!" Rose said, clapping her hands and laughing.

"Encore?" I asked.

"No, I might ball over in tears from laughing so hard if you do." She said. "Now you better get going, I have a lot of stuff to do right now." She said.

"See ya." I said before pushing open the kitchen doors and walking out.

"Charlie." My father's voice called. Shit.

"I know." I said.

"Honestly." He sighed with a shake of his head then walked off in the direction of his study.


Our parents had finally left, but I couldn't spend all this time in the house alone with them, not after they over heard my talk with Rosie. So, I did what any other rich boy would do; I invited a bunch of people I don't know over for a party.

The beat of the music was all that I could hear, causing me to strain my ears to be able to hear what the girl that was talking to me was saying. She was obviously drunk; her breath smelt heavily of alcohol, her words were slurred, she was leaning against me for support, and she was flirting with me. The last part was a sign because I have been out at school since sophomore year, I am about to be a senior. I knew this girl went to my school because I had her in a few classes last year.

"Look, I'm not interested, okay?" I said as nicely as I could before walking off. I should be worried about her being taken advantage of because of how drunk she is, but she is one of the sluts of the school. That pussy is just about as loose as it can get.

Luckily enough, my father didn't seem to care if a threw a party, as long as too much didn't get broken. So I didn't have to worry about word getting around to him, because it wouldn't matter.

"Hey Charlie, great party." An all too familiar voice shouted over the music. I felt my heart beat pick up a little, and my body temperature increase. Zack Liams, the boy I have had a crush on since I could remember. Too bad he was as straight as straight can get.

"Aren't they always?" I played off with a smirk.

"True." He said, then lifted up his cup and left me. I let out a breath that I was all to aware of holding in. Every time he talked to me I got a little flustered, but luckily enough I knew how to play it off. That didn't stop me from fantasizing about him every now and again though. Insert pervy face here.

"Jeff!" I called as I spotted my best friend. I'll admit it, we fooled around a little after I came out to him, about a year before I officially came out. My coming out to him triggered his bicurious phase, and he tested the waters with me. At first it was little stuff, kissing and spooning. Then it got a little heavier with us giving each other head, him fingering me, and then it turned into sex. We are best friends, and fuck buddies. The best part? We can separate it, it never grew into emotional feelings, just lust. Jeff said he still has physical attractions to females, but also males, so bisexual would be the word I would use to describe him. We occasionally fool around and have sex when we are in between relationships, never while either of us are with someone.

"Yo man." He said when he reached me. "Wanna head upstairs?" He asked, adding a wink to the end.

"Sure thing bud." I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the stairs, through the tight pack of people in our way. When I opened my door I wasn't the least bit surprised to see people making out on the floor. "Thank god they aren't on the bed." I whispered to Jeff, and he replied with a nod. "Hey, out!" I yelled. "There are some rooms on the third floor you can use, the locked one is my parents', so don't try to get in it." I said, and they soon left.

"Now then." Jeff said with a smile, pulling me closer to him. Our lips instantly locking, his tongue quickly dominating my mouth.

"Charlie!" A voice yelled, busting into my room. "Oh..uhm." The voice said, seeing what was happening. When I turned to face the person, I saw Mike.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Some of the kids are breaking into the neighbors yards, the police might be on the way. We should get everyone out of here." He said.


After a lot of screaming and yelling we were able to get everyone out. There was the problem of a few people that had passed out, so we set the ones that nobody took home in the guest rooms. They would wake up eventually, and hopefully leave.

"Thanks Jeff, but you should probably get going too." I said, a tad disappointed.

"Yeah, my parents are supposed to be getting in tonight anyways. See ya man." He said, giving me a hug and then leaving.

"Alright, we need to clean this up. Can you guys get started while I go get the staff?" I asked them.

"Yeah." One of them responded, not sure which one.

I started walking towards the hallway that held the rooms of the staff, but the majority of them were already coming out. "We got it kiddo." Jeremy, one of the staff that was hired exclusively for cleaning, said.

"Thanks guys." I said, and grabbed one of the brooms that was leaning against the wall before setting off to work.


We were pretty much done with the cleaning, and Jake and Tony had taken some trash bags out back, leaving just me and Mike. He may think that I haven't noticed, but he hasn't looked at me once since he caught me with Jeff. I didn't understand why, I just met them yesterday so it was not like we had any emotional connections. "Hey Mike?" I asked, and he responded with a muffled 'huh?' "Why won't you look at me?" I asked him, and his broom stopped.

"What do you mean?" He asked, a nervous chuckle escaping.

"Exactly what I said." I responded.

"I don't know." He sighed. "It was just a little awkward for me to walk in on that." He said finally.

"I understand." I said.


I rolled over in bed, something had woken me up. I wasn't too sure on what it was until I heard the sounds again.

I climbed out of bed, and steadily walked to my door. Slowly opening it, I made my way to where the sounds were coming from, Jake's room. I slowly twisted the handle and pushed the door open, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Jake was buried inside of Mike as Mike's mouth teased and sucked Tony's shaft. Was I having a wet dream about my step brothers?

I leaned a little closer, unfortunately tripping over my own two feet and onto the floor. The impact of the carpeted, yet hard, floor hurt, and all their heads turned to me.

Nope, defiantly not a dream.

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