Don't let me go

Tori Kelly was just a country girl who had a dream of being an actress, but her father forbid it. So Tori ran away to the city to follow her dreams but little did she know, that she was going to bump into a little old "friend" on the way. Lets just say after that, her road to fame was going to be a bumpier ride than she thought.


1. My suckish life

There are 5 things in my life right now that suck! 

1. My mom had just recently ran away from my dad and I without any reason

2. I lived in the middle of know where out working on my dads farm. I'm 18 years old just finished home schooling. My dad put on this graduation thing in the back garden and you know who the guest were? The animals! How embarrassing! 

3. My dad makes me do all of the animal cleaning. Meaning I have to clean up all of the poo left behind from the sheep, goats, chickens, dogs and worst of all, the cows. So I'm an 18 year old, poo cleaning nobody! What a life! Yay me.

4. There is one other family living out where we live. We are the only people for miles, and they happen to be right next to our house. They drive my father and I bonkers. They have this little baby that screams all day and all night. The father doesn't live there though because he went mentally insane and is now in a mental hospital. **i always knew he was a loon** and how could I forget their teenage son, Blake. One of those I'm cooler than you type of guys. He destroys anything and everything that gets in his path. Their whole family is like The Adams family. Dark, mysterious and strange. 

And last but certainly not the least...

5. My dreams. Ever since I was a little girl, all I remembered was that I wanted to be an actress. I dream of being on stage or television acting with the most talented people out there! But... Reality ruined my life. 

My father hates the idea of me being famous. He thinks it's an unrealistic and ridiculous dream that will never come true. He always tells me to snap out of it and help him with the farm. But maybe I want to do something else. Maybe I don't want to work on the farm for the rest of my years with my life wasting away day by day. I have plans for the future, and if he doesn't like it... Well too bad! 

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