the un-knowen

when one direction are wizards and meet 'Lilly'
'Lilly's' family are famous and refuses to be used because of it


3. the secret only I know other than potter

I'm now at hogwarts and guess what I'm in the best house Slytherin whop whop the party has just started. Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam are in the same house so that is really good for me so i have some friends in my year level but when i need help i will ask draco he wouldn't want me to fail right? I'm on my way to class and guess what potter and his disciples bump into me so i say "watch were your going potter, mud-blood and blood-trater" mud-blood looked like she was going to cry she shouldn't be learning magic she is a freaking muggle born I don't even think 'she' is a 'she' I think 'she' is a 'he' the 'shim' is apparently top of her year so draco says "a stupid girl really" his words not mine though I agree with him after all he is smarter then her he knows how to use magic better than anyone I know and I know lot's of people hence even Connerious Fudge the wiziding world prim-minister if he were to see He Who Must Not Be Named-Voldermort or in his terms Tom Riddle to return and create panic we would kill him-self be four anyone can stop him. I on the other hand will be so happy he s my hero i secretly wish he were hear to plunge the muggle born of the school. Because of potter my hero is one horcrux less stupid potter draco said in his second year potter destroyed tom riddles diary with a basilisk fang so I say "ass-hole I hate you for what you did in your second year" then he replied "and what did I do?" me being me said "you destroyed a horcrux of the dark lord for that I will hate you till I am dead and even past death" the continued going to potions which I already enjoy professor snap is the best he scars everybody but those in his house Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam are as exited as me and I'm running around like a headless chicken and arrived be-four anyone in our class I have read and memorized all my school books and re-read potions cause I can.

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