the un-knowen

when one direction are wizards and meet 'Lilly'
'Lilly's' family are famous and refuses to be used because of it


5. the parsal

Lilly's POV


Me, Draco and the rest of the gang are sitting in the grate hall eating breakfast when the weazalbee twins run in screaming SNAKE!! me and the gang are laughing our heads off then potter and his friends walk up to us and asks "it was you lot wasn't it" me being me said "so were is the prof Potter, Wealzlebees and mud-blood" mud-blood ran away crying aww boohoo then I randomly yell out "I'M RELATED TO SALAZAR SLYTHERIN BITCHES" now EVERYONE is looking at me then whispers fill the room like "no wonder why she is in slytherin" "isn't voldermort related to him as well" so I yell out "PEOPLE I AM VOLDERMORTS DAUGHTER SO BEWARE"  now I am waiting for the screaming in 3,2,1 the first scream 3'2'1 everyone else but slytherin are screaming then they settled down which is boring then I run to class with the lads they are laughing their heads off and I set up my prank for the next person who should be potter's sister in our year well everyone can stand on it but it wont work for them it will only work for her it set up now so I walk into snaps office and ask what potion we are making and he is letting us make any potion so I pick the hardest in our book. Everyone is at tea/dinner and I just  got post from my family and I got the paper with the headline on the fount  about me coming to hogwarts and what house I'm in just grate I thought sacasticly

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