the un-knowen

when one direction are wizards and meet 'Lilly'
'Lilly's' family are famous and refuses to be used because of it


2. the meeting

*time skip 3 days*


I'm on the train to hogwarts and sitting in a compartment with a blond Irish guy and 4 British guy's one of the British guy's has black hair and the other 3 have brown hair Niall whom I have learnt is blondie's name is always eating like seriously why then their is Zayn whom is the black haired guy is steering into a mirror the brown haired guy's name's are Louis who is wearing stripes Harry (who is flirting with every girl) and Liam who is silently reading so I ask all 5 of them what is there blood status Niall "Pure-blood but an asserter of mine is Salazar" yess another pure-blood Zayn "pure-blood r" least not a mud-blood Louis "pure-blood and proud of it" Harry "pure-blood" Liam "pure-blood" Liam then asks of my blood status "pure-blood and like Niall one of my ansesers is Salazar and i am parsiltoung" "Pasaltoung?" Louis asks i reply "I can speak to snakes" the all say in corus "wowww" then t'THE BOY WHO LIVED walked in and said "who is the pasaltoung?" i say "me and by the way potter the night your mother and father died voldermort made a unwanted horcrux YOU!" he looked at me in shock so i said "he also passed on to you being a parsaltoung aww is wittle potter surprised that Dumbdor didn't tell you" the lads smirked at that then he said "obviously more Pure-blood's" to the boy and girl behind him the girl came up and said "respect your older" so i said "oh are you 1000 years old are you" her face was to die for then she said "get into your robe we will be arriving within the hour" i smirk saying "why would i listen to a mud-blood like you?" her face doped and went to normal as fast as it came telling me i hit a nerve but using magic i change into my robes and stormed off finding Slytherin's area and i see draco my cousin and gave him a hug saying "hey how are ya? ready to annoy potter and his friends" paskin looked at him with a 'who the hell is she? look so he said "my cousin who like me is a pure-blood and hates potter and his friends" with a proud voice and look "oh and draco i've already had a encounter with them and intimidated them and the weasly looked like he was about to kill me stupid blood teagter" paskin said "i like her already as for granger did you call her a mud-blood?" "of cores who likes her oh yeah weaslbee" i said proudly.

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