the un-knowen

when one direction are wizards and meet 'Lilly'
'Lilly's' family are famous and refuses to be used because of it


4. lunch is fun right

It's finally lunch and I'm staving my cousin thinks I have a endless stumic well who can blame him well I'm starting to crush on Niall he can eat more than me and Draco teases us saying we are meant to be and all that shit well guess what Draco it is going to turn around on you and bite you in the butt.

Niall POV( I thought I should do one on him now)

I'm on the hogwarts express and every cabin is full then i find one with only a girl so me and the lads go in and chill and talk to the girl well lets just say she seams up-nosed she just outright asked "are you pure-bloods" I mean come on of cores we are then she says she is a descendent of Salazar wow pure-blood family I've heard in her family they marry each-other to keep their blood pure but then my family do we all hate blood-traters and mud-bloods half bloods are okay then 'the boy who lived' came in and I saw state away she hates him and his friends she must be a supporter of 'he who must not be named' and he asks "who is the pasal-toung" well she says "it's me" we are now at school the lads and I are in Slytherin with her we see her reading all her books she clearly wants to impress the teachers then this blond guy walks to us and sits by her and she cuddles into him i admit although I haven't known her for long but i have fallen for her. I'm staving right now so I call Luke and get him to get me food I sewer this school is trying to stave me well I'm not taking it at all I must have a word to the Headmaster about this I will not go on a diet so if he suggests it i will say it won't work cause my parents have done it and it failed

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