Self Belief ,What does that mean?

A poem for the contest: Movellians Have Got Talent by Jordan Philips. I wrote this from my heart and I would really hope that people are able to see that as they read this poem. Thanks!


1. Self Belief What does that mean?

Self Belief two words that I was
stuck on as I wrote this poem.I didn't 
know how to start, so I began from the
part which started from my heart.

I have always had confidence issues, I could never picture myself living my dream.
People around me have always told me to
never dream big and to live a life
stress free, but the truth was every morning I woke up my head seemed to hurt and my heart was always
heavy and I was never happy.

I didn't want to make a mistake
and live regretting like most people today.
I had a plan in my head but I never seemed
to take up, instead I covered it up and
told myself it couldn't happen.

Then a man spoke one day he said
" Its ok" to be scared, to fear
to not believe in yourself and your talents
that you hold dear. As I listened to him speak
everything seemed to make sense
because he was an artist, who came from a rich family but who was kicked out because of his dream.

I stared at him and the smile on his
face and the paint on his clothes but mostly the
aura of warmth he exposed. He was happy
he took  the road less traveled by and that had
made all the difference for him. 

Since that day,I have perused my dream, a
dream that seemed endless and impossible
to reach. Self Belief is to be confident in
who you are to believe that you can do anything,

 there will be people telling you no but you should never let it hurt or stop you.
I'll always dream big no matter what, 

I'll always put myself out there and follow my heart

and not other peoples words who tell me not to. 

So the word's self belief became apart of my
vocabulary, became a new word I breathed and 

I want to be a poet, I want my words to touch and bless others and

I have every hope of doing just that.

“When your back is to the wall and you are facing fear head on, the only way is forward and through it.” 
― Stephen Richards,

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