Sweet Escape<3 (Completed)

Together forever right? Four friends Paige, Kelsey, Manda, and Shania are facing this test of their friendship. They all decided to move in together. A beach house filled with a bunch of potential. Specially when they realize who their neighbors are. Will love tear them apart or bring them closer together? Read and find out. x


74. you're an idiot, Louis Friggin' Tomlinson.

Kelsey's POV

Is it so bad to just scream your head off at a famous person? I wanted. At that point, I didn't like Louis at all. I just screamed in my room. Crap. someone is gonna think I'm getting murdered or something.

Just my luck, Harry came running in, "Are you okay?"

"Not entirely.. I just felt like screaming my head off." I said.

"I really just wanted to punch him at that moment." Harry said, "So did Zayn, though."

"They left for a bit." I said.

I looked down and I had a text. Louis. Oh my fucking God.

"Why are you making me out to be the bad guy in this?!"


"Really? Because I recall that I did care that she hurt herself. you didn't."

That was it. I threw my phone on the bed and walked out. I saw Harry pick it up.

I burst into the room Louis was in and I punched him in the Goddamn face. He got up and looked at me like I murdered five people and a goldfish.

"Are you fucking crazy?!" he looked at me.

"What the hell, Kelsey?!" Shania asked, confused.

"Don't you EVER say I don't care about Amanda. YOU don't care enough to let her keep it to herself and let the whole God forsaken house find out! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CARE."

I felt a sharp pain to my face. Did he just slap me? Oh hell no.

I jumped on Louis and we started physically fighting. Harry ran in and pulled me off of him and Shania held down Louis.

"I HATE YOU!" I yelled at Louis.

"GO KILL YOURSELF!" Louis shot back.

Did he really just say that?!

I broke Harry's grip, ran into my room, and locked the door. My heart started beating in my ears.

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