Sweet Escape<3 (Completed)

Together forever right? Four friends Paige, Kelsey, Manda, and Shania are facing this test of their friendship. They all decided to move in together. A beach house filled with a bunch of potential. Specially when they realize who their neighbors are. Will love tear them apart or bring them closer together? Read and find out. x


89. They're back.

Mandi's POV:
I woke up to see Kelsey's face right in mine. I would have screamed but instead I rolled off the bed. The thump of my ass hitting the floor woke Kelsey up. 
"Who's there?!" Kelsey said jumping up.
"Dork. Keep your face out of mine." I laughed
We both got up and changed into some cute clothes. We did our hair and got ready for the boys to come home. I heard Paige coming down the stairs. I looked over and noticed she was dressed up all adorable. Which isn't really anything different but she had all brand new clothes on today. I smiled because I knew she missed Niall like crazy. Shania hasn't come downstairs yet. I wanted to go walk on the beach. Paige and Kelsey came along. I was in the water up to my knees. The water felt so nice. Then all of a sudden I felt someone wrapping their arms around me. I looked up to see Zayn. I smiled brightly and turned wrapping my arms around him hugging him. 
"Zaynie!!!" I screamed
"Hey there." He smiled
"I missed you." 
"I missed you too."
He leaned down and kissed me. Oh god I missed kissing him. I looked over to see the other boys. I walked over to Louis and gave him a great big hug. He smiled and hugged me back. After Louis let me go I walked over and hugged Liam who looked a bit sad. I pinched his cheeks causing him to smile. Niall and Paige were tangled up in a hug. I looked over and noticed that Harry was on top of Kelsey kissing her. 
"I missed you so much beautiful." He said to her.
It made her smile brightly.

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