Sweet Escape<3 (Completed)

Together forever right? Four friends Paige, Kelsey, Manda, and Shania are facing this test of their friendship. They all decided to move in together. A beach house filled with a bunch of potential. Specially when they realize who their neighbors are. Will love tear them apart or bring them closer together? Read and find out. x


100. It means no worries <3

Kelsey's POV

Harry ran up to me and said, "Hey we should go for a drive."

"Really?" I asked. I haven't had much time with Harry these past three months so it was unexpected, "Sure" I smile.

Harry and I get into his car and we go to the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It's down in Miami. I took a picture of it. It was so beautiful.

Harry and I climbed up the arch and we sat there, watching the ocean. Harry took my hand and I couldn't help but smile. Why did he do all of this all of a sudden?

Harry played with my hand for a bit. He seemed really nervous.... I stood up and looked at the waves.

Harry looked up at me and then looked at his hands. He WAS nervous. His nervousness made ME nervous. Why was he nervous? We stood there for a while, then I sat back down and kissed him. It felt so weird after three months...

"You know...." Harry said, "I planned this 3 months ago but I didn't wanna spill anything so I sort of avoided you because i knew I wanted to tell you tha-"

"That what?"



I was afraid he wanted to break up with me...

"That..." He stood me up.

"That.... Well..." Then he got on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring.

"Will you marry me, Kelsey?"

"What?" I asked. I was so shocked.

"Uhhh.... Like... Umm... Will you be my wife?"

I kissed Harry passionately then he put the ring on my finger. I put my hand on the rock and stared at it.

I couldn't believe what just happened. The ring was beautiful. I couldn't believe what just happened. I was smiling uncontrollably. I put the ring on my ring finger and looked at it as Harry smiled. I was the luckiest girl alive. I turned to Harry, cupped his face in my hands and kissed him again. The sunset was beautiful. It was literally the best day ever.


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