Sweet Escape<3 (Completed)

Together forever right? Four friends Paige, Kelsey, Manda, and Shania are facing this test of their friendship. They all decided to move in together. A beach house filled with a bunch of potential. Specially when they realize who their neighbors are. Will love tear them apart or bring them closer together? Read and find out. x


45. Flashing lights

Kelsey's POV

I didn't want to not be his friend... but he just kissed me. What do I do? I stopped and looked up at him.


"I'm sorry. I just got caught up in the moment.." he apologized.

"Uhhh.... It's okay..," I answered with fear in my eyes.


I don't understand this.. He's Harry freaking Styles. Why in the world would he even like me? Or who knows.. Maybe he didn't. 


All of a sudden I saw a flash. No two. No three. Flashes from everywhere. I looked up to see a photographer.


"This is going to make the cover of People Magazine!" He yelled. 


I pushed the photographer away as they crowded me and some crowding Paige and Niall. I pushed past and made it to the house. Me. By myself. Harry was still out there.

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