Sweet Escape<3 (Completed)

Together forever right? Four friends Paige, Kelsey, Manda, and Shania are facing this test of their friendship. They all decided to move in together. A beach house filled with a bunch of potential. Specially when they realize who their neighbors are. Will love tear them apart or bring them closer together? Read and find out. x


50. Duh!

Paige's POV

I snuck out after Manda to see if she was okay, but then I saw Louis kiss her. FINALLY. Niall came out and saw me peeking around the corner.

"What's going on?" I gave me a questioning look.

"Shhhhh... Louis is going to ask Manda out!" I said excitedly, but quietly as well.

"Ohhh.... What do you think she'll say?" He had a smirk on his face.

"Duhhh. She'll say yes!" I smiled at him, and he smiled at me. I felt myself blushing.

"Hey you did great earlier." He giggled.

"You weren't too bad yourself." I playfully winked at him. God he was just so cute.. he smile.. and his laugh, made me melt. Yeah. I definitely like him. I decided to kiss him... but as I was about to he pulled back...

Zayn's POV

Well... everyone seems to be coupling up here. Niall with Paige, Liam with Shania, Harry basically with Kelsey. Louis and Manda. Ugh this sucks. I like Manda too... I reallyyy like her.. I adore her.. I just don't want to start drama, but anytime I see him with her it makes me angry and it makes my heart ache. I wanted to go outside.. see what they were all doing, I walked straight past Niall and Paige to see Louis asking Manda out. Hell no, I'm done, this is not happening, and the next thing I know my fist is flying into Louis's face.


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