Taylor was never a big fan of One DIrection. She thought they were cute and had nice songs but never really cared to go to a concert. But her twin sister Autumn on the other hand loved everything about them and when Autumn scored two ticktes to there show she begged Taylor to go. But before the show something happens that will change Taylors life forever.


3. Stressed Out

Zayn's POV


          She was so pretty i couldnt help myself! I shouldnt have punched the wall. I probably scared her to death. Great. "How are you holding up?" Harry said coming into the living room. We all liked to stay in the same house since it wasnt as lonely as living alone. "Im good, i just feel really bad because i scared her." i answered. "Do you want me to go talk to her? It might help if i explain everything that is going on. You know?" I didnt really like the idea of Harry going into Taylor's room alone. I knew most girls liked him and i was afraid she would fall in love with him. But he was good at explaining and he also was with Autumn. Why would he need Taylor? "I guess that would be okay." i finally said. I watched him walk down the hallway to Taylor's room and open the door.  I dont know why it bothered me so much. She wasnt even mine.

          For the next 30 minutes i stared at the door waiting for Harry to come out, but he never did. I decided to get up and go to the kitchen to make some food since Taylor hadnt eaten in a while and was probably hungry. I made my food first and ate it then fixed hers so when i brought it it would be warm. I walked out of the kitchen with the food on a tray and walked down the hall. I opened the door and when i looked in no one was there. I sat the food on the night stand beside the bed and looked around the room. Harry nor Taylor were anywhere to be found. I looked out the window and sure enough, the car was gone. I knew not to trust him!

          "Zayn what is wrong?" Niall asked. He saw me running around the house looking for my phone and keys to my car. "Harry took Taylor and ran off!" I yelled angrily "Im sure its not what it seems Zayn. You know Harry would never do that to you. Just lay down and go to sleep, you have had alot of stress to deal with." Niall was always good at calming people down and made lots of since. Harry would never do that, he was too much of a nice guy, but i still wanted to know why he took Taylor and didnt tell me.

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