Taylor was never a big fan of One DIrection. She thought they were cute and had nice songs but never really cared to go to a concert. But her twin sister Autumn on the other hand loved everything about them and when Autumn scored two ticktes to there show she begged Taylor to go. But before the show something happens that will change Taylors life forever.


1. Really? A concert?

Taylor's POV


            "TAYLORRRRRR!!!!!! I GOT THE TICKETS!!!!!!!!!" Autumn ran down the hall waving them in the air. "Oh my God Taylor I cant believe it you have to go with me!!!!" I rolled my eyes "You know im not a big fan, but I guess since it means so much to you." Autumn began to pick up her phone and text everyone in her contacts while I started to pick out my outfit wondering how she got the tickets when the concert was tomorrow.


          When we got to the stadium Autumn took me to the back. "Why are we going this way?" I whispered but she just turned around and shushed me. "Harry? Harry its me I brought her." Autumn went around the corner and told me to stay there suddenly I felt a hand cover my mouth and four people come towards me. "Make her pass out!" was the last thing I heard and it was the voice of my sister.



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