When I'm With You

Have you ever experienced that really awkward moment when you find out someone you've been best friends with forever has much stronger feelings for you? And the even more awkward times that follow that moment if you don't feel the same way?

Well, that's exactly what's been happening to m,e. And let's just say, it hasn't exactly been easy so far.


2. Sierra, there's something I need to tell you.

As we drove to my house we listened to the radio, dancing around crazily when one of our favorites songs came on. Like when Best Song Ever by One Direction came one and I went nuts, squealing and dancing and massively fangirling. I might have a slight obsession with One Direction, in case you couldn't tell. I was singing the lyrics, obviously knowing them all, very loudly and when the song ended I looked over at August who was laughing at me.


"You and your silly boy band." he said, turning back to the road. I placed my palm against my chest and faking being hurt and disappointed by his words. He wasn't exactly a huge fan of them but that never stopped him from turning it up for me while we were in the car together.


I dropped the boy band thing as we pulled into my driveway. August pulled the keys out of the ignition and walked around the car, opening my door as he always did. Everytime we got out of a car. Whether he was driving or not. "You don't have to do that everytime you know." I said, grinning at his chivalrous gesture. He shook his head and looked down at me, reaching his hand to help me out of the car. "Yes, I do. I was raised to be a gentleman." he replied, raising his head with pride.


"Yeah, but not everytime we get out of a car." I mumbled, hoping he wouldn't hear me. It was a nice gesture and I didn't really mind it that much. He took my hand and we walked up the walk way, stepping through the front door. "Hey mum!" I shouted to her, hearing the TV in the living room. "Hi honey, how was the boardwalk?" she yelled back.


"Good, mum. Oh, August is staying tonight." I added before slipping off my shoes at the door and running up the stairs, hand in hand with August. "I woulnd't expect anything else." she said, laughing. It was true, August basically stayed here every night during the Summer. And most nights and weekends in the school year.


We got to my room and I collapsed onto the bed. August turned and shut the door and flicked off the light before coming to join me. We lay there, staring out the window at the end of my bed where the lights from the boardwalk were faintly visible. "I've always liked this view." he said as he draped his around around me. I giggled. "Me too, isn't that why we look out at it nearly every night?" I asked.


I saw a blush creep up on his cheeks as he looked at his hands in his lap, letting out a small 'oh'. I looked down at our hands, which were entertwined in each other's, resting between us. "I like this." I thought out loud. August shot me a confused look and I added to my vague comment. "I mean, this, you know. Being with you and not having it be romantic. We can just both be ourselves." I elaborated.


He paused for a minute and his eyes glazed over. But almost as quickly as it had changed, his emotion went back to normal as he said, "Yeah, I like it too." I nodded, glad he agreed with me.




The next morning I woke up with August's arm around my waist and my head laid back against his chest. I rolled over to look at him, his blonde hair tousled to perfection, blue eyes covered by his lids and long, dark lashes grazing his cheekbones. I smiled as I realized just how perfect he really was.


"You know, staring isn't going to make me wake up any faster." he mumbled in a low morning voice. I bushed and smiled, shyly. "Sorry," I said. I reached down and tried to pry myself from his grip, but it didn't work. "No, I don't want you to get up yet." he whined. I laughed. "No, you just don't want to get out of bed too." I said. He sighed, nodded to me and releasing his grip.


I walked into my closet and closed the door, grabbing an outfit and throwing it on. I moved into the bathroom as I brushed my teeth and put on a little makeup. When I came back out I surprised to see August sitting on the bed, all ready. I walked up behind him and hugged him just like every morning. "So, breakfast?" I asked him. Before I could finish he was already up, nodded and dragging me to the stairs.


I made some french toast and fruit sald, enough for my mum and sister as well. Placing the food on plates I brought one out to August as he began digging in before the plate even reached the table.




Later that afternoon, we ended up at Landon's party which was held in a large tent in his back yard. His back yard just happened to be a private section of the beach we were on yesterday. August and I danced the whole time with Ashley and Caiden before we decided to go for a walk.


As we made our way down the beach the music grew quiter and the lights got darker. August took my hand and pulled me down to the sand, sitting where the waves nearly touches our feet.


"Sierra, there's something I need to tell you." he said.







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