My story

They all say that life goes on after something bad or tragic happens. But does it really?
How do you know if the holes in your heart heal or not? My name... Is not longer important. Ive been beatn' hurt, toworn, and left alone. For what? Happiness, to feel something in side, love? Wat is love? To me love in just in fairy tails, and in movies.
Im trapped in a body who sounds and looks like me, but really isnt me.


1. Intro

My story doesnt have normal chapters like others, only pages. They go on till the end, or untill there is no more story left to tell. My name doesnt matter. I dont even act the the who uses it to begin with. My birthday is August 18th,1997, Im a junior at Jefferson high. I represent my school pride as a swimmer; my best strokes are butterfly, breast, and freestlye. I aslo play softball for my school as one of the school's best catcher, bunter, and bass runner.

If you looked at me you'd think my life was perfect. From what i get told, Im beautiful, tall, long legs, tan, bright blue eyes with rootbeer colored hair. dating football players to baseball players, be friending just about everyone i talk to. But honestly thats just on the outside. No one knows what is deep down on the inside, and no one knows EVERY thing i've been through. Execpt two people. Andy and Danny. And now you, with every detail, every story, is true and comes a lesson with it. its just on how you come across the lessonsand learn from them. Shit I dont even know what half my lesson where. All I know... Is they made me who I am today..

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