My story

They all say that life goes on after something bad or tragic happens. But does it really?
How do you know if the holes in your heart heal or not? My name... Is not longer important. Ive been beatn' hurt, toworn, and left alone. For what? Happiness, to feel something in side, love? Wat is love? To me love in just in fairy tails, and in movies.
Im trapped in a body who sounds and looks like me, but really isnt me.


2. Here we go

The beginning is were everything started.. When I started to lose myself, and become someone totally different from who i truly am.


My mom and dad slpit up when I was five. The day I turned five, was the day my dad packed everything up and left. From then on my mom brought different guys home every weekend. Soon after my older brother and sister started to find "toys" hiding in her room. You could say my mom was "well known" and that she had alot of "friends". A year went by, and she kept this one guy around.. EJ. EJ was just what he wanted to be called. why?? i really dont know and dont care. Haha. Honestly I just wanted my dad home. Wouldnt you?


To this day no one belives me, EJ was a werid weird man. He had a thing for both me and my mom. When it was just me and him, he would sit me on his lap with me facing him, while he wrapped my legs around him. Normally he wouldnt let me leave him, till I did something he wanted. normally it was just a kiss on the cheek. Whenever id sit with him, Id feel smething hard coming from his pants. With me only being 6 I thought it was ohklay since I saw my mom doing it all the time. But as time went on things got weirder between me and EJ.


When the both of us were alone in his truck, we play this game. He called it "Naming body parts" He'd point to a body part on me and I'd name it. This time it got even weirder... He had put his finger on my vigina and asked me "what is this?" at the time I didnt know what a vigina was, so i replied "i dont know."

End of game.


He drove around not saying another word to me. It was getting dark out, when he pulled over into a abondon parking lot, and asked me to lay down with my head on his lap. Him being my mom boyfriend I did what he had said. He pulled down my pants and put his finger on my vagina and asked me what it was again. I told him again I dont know. I had a bad feeling about what was going on, on top of that i didnt know what was going on. He told me what my female part was, when out his finger between my legs and started to rub me, almost playing with me. I tried to push his hand away but it wouldnt move. I tried atlest ten times till he stopped and removed his finger from my body. Once he stopped I pulled my pants up, and sat there waiting to go home. He looked at me and grabbed my hand,he out my hand right down his pants. When I touched what was in there. my hand shot out of there before anything else could happen. He grabbed my hand again, and told me everything is going to be alright. I have nothing to worry about. Then out my hand back down his pants, I touched his penis for the second time. the removed my hand before anythign could happen.


That was the last time EJ and I had spoke, Month or so later, my mom told EJ to leave and to never come back. But not because of me.. But for herself and her new friend Sam.

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