My Last Year

It's my Last Year to live. I want to live each day like its my last.


1. Life sucks

I put my head in my hands and cried as my mom patted my leg, "If the cancer goes away..." I trailed off letting the doctor talk, "Then you'll live your life out normally but we won't know for a few months.. And you only have a year. Live it to the fullest, Emma." With that he left. 
I'm Emma Jerry. I'm 18. I have blackish brown hair, dark blue eyes, 5'5, and I have a slim body with the perfect butt and bust to make guys drool at least my older brother says that. 
I've been getting sick a lot lately. So I came to the doctors and I found out I have leukemia and that I have a year to live. I slowly got off the little bed and followed my mom to our cars. 
"you coming home, sweetie?" My mom asked. I shook my head, "Im gonna go to the mall, I'll be home later. Love you." And I got in my black convertible and drove to the mall. I live in New York City and its December 27th, 2012. Almost New Years. 
I parked my car, got out, locked it, and went into the mall. As soon as I got there I saw all the paperazie surrounding people. 
"Taylor!", "Harry!", "Louis!", "Zayn!", "Liam!" Were what I heard from all the shouts. 
Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam... Weren't those 4/5 of that one British band called One direction? 
And Taylor must be Taylor Swift. 
"What a fuss." A voice said beside me I looked beside me and saw a boy about my age in white skinny jeans, black supras, and a black jacket with the hood up and black sunglasses on. 
I shrugged, "They're good. But I've heard better." 
He turned and looked at me, "Really?" 
"Yeah. I mean don't get me wrong one direction is good. But they rely on their looks a lot." 
He laughed, "I highly doubt that."
"The only good one in my opinion is the blonde! What's his name? Ugh-"
"Yes, Niall! I didn't hear any of them yell his name." 
"Niall doesn't matter to anyone. Everyone likes Harry for his look and raspy voice. Or Zayn for his charm and deep 'sexy' voice. Or Louis for his cuteness and very recognizable highly angelic British voice. Or Liam for his kindness and smooth voice. Niall is just the only Irish one that plays guitar and eats a lot."
"That's what's hot. He's unique. He's the ONLY Irish one. The ONLY one really talented at playing guitar. And the ONLY one that can probably eat and eat and eat and still be so hot. Niall is hot and can sing amazingly. I think he just feels left out cause he doesn't have a girlfriend."
He smiled, that smile seemed so familiar, "I thought you didn't like them?" I blushed deep red. One of my deepest secrets is that I'm a directioner, "I-I.." He handed me a piece of paper, "Call me sometime and we can go catch a film." With that he walked away. 
I stuffed the piece of paper into my blue skinny jeans' pocket and made my way through the coward to American eagle. 
About 30 minutes later I was sitting in the food court drinking a coffee. I pulled the guy's number out of my pocket and texted him. 
Me: hey, it's the girl from the mall I didn't catch your name earlier.
Him: hey, yeah I didn't catch yours either. But you're really cute and i like you.
Me: I like you too. 
Him: Will you go to the cinema with me tonight to catch a film? 
Me: sure, my names Emma what's yours? 
Him: Niall. 
Me: like Niall from one direction? Lol.
Him: lol yeah I guess so.
We texted for a few hours and then I went home and got dressed for my date. My mom wasn't home so she was probably at her boyfriend's house. 
I went up to my room and curled my hair. Then put on a strapless dress that was gray on the boobs and came up with 3 black buttons between the boobs then black form fitting fabric from the end of the gray fabric to the hips then flowing black fabric to my knees with black heels.
I sat on my couch and waited for Niall. 
Chapter 2
Right as I was about to give up on him showing up the doorbell rang. 
I slowly got up and opened it. 
Niall stood there, in a black suit- holy crap! "You're Niall Horan from One direction!"
Niall nodded, "Yes, I really like you, Emma, and I hope that now that you know who I am you don't just like me for being famous but you like me for me."
I leaned against the door frame, "I like you for you. Not who you are. Someone's personality is all I look at." 
He smiled and slowly took my hand into his own, "Let's go to the cinema. I brought my camero." 
I laughed and shut the door and locked it, "Richie Rich!"
He took my hand into his and pulled me to the white camero, "Hush, honey!" 

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