Way In The World

You know it's love when all you want
is that person to be happy
even if you're not part of their happiness


2. Chapter 2

     "Need help twat?" i turn  around to find my older sister jessica leaning on my bedroom door frame, i smiled and walked up to give her a big hug "oh my god what are you doing here aren't you suppose to be in collage and making mom and dad proud?" i say with a chuckle she pushed me back to see me fully she takes a hold of my tie and of course does it better then me.

     "your going to lead the chorus at church today for the first time i couldn't miss that for the world" my sister and i were closer then ever we even looked liked each other but we weren't twins brown hair, green eyes, too tall for our age everything "can you sit in the front" i asked stepping back after jess was finished with my tie.

     i knew it was childish of me to ask my own sister to seat close enough for me to see her but she was the only person in the world who understands me more then anyone, "ya of course dustin now let's go you know how dad gets".

     "now lets all stand for our god blessed chorus group who will sing shout to the lord today for us" as everyone rose from our father (My Dad) i looked over at my mum she smiled and nodded i got up walked along the green carpet, before i could reach the large white piano my dad grabbed my shoulder  "don't mess up my boy" i looked over at him and nodded as a i won't let you down.

     i was facing the crowd and the chorus behind me so this was going to be overwhelming, i sat down my fingers on the keys but not yet playing before i could start someone walked in making eyes face the double doors, samantha the pixie cut hair girl.

     she was helping a young lady who was wearing black glasses with a sliver thick stick infront into a seat far from everyone, everyone still looked "i'm sorry were you expecting god to walk in?" she yelled to the crowd they just turned back to the stage now my nervousness was sky limit how did she find my parents church?.

     i closed my eyes, took a breath in and off i was playing like i owned and written the piece myself, i kept my head down watching my fingers press every key trying to focus,focus,focus,focus, samantha,focus,focus,focus,samantha what is going on?.

     i looked up my eyes finding samantha's she had a smirk on her face i quickly found my sister's gaze ya stare at jess for the whole song then you won't screw up oops.

     my dad quickly sharp turned to look at me he did't look happy, i pressed the wrong key thank god no one noticed they were all just singing along and rocking side to side but my dad sure heard it alright.




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