Kiss Me One Last Time

Niall has to go on tour and leave Mykenzi with the kids so will he ever come back...?


1. The Meet

Niall's POV


Well since were married ,and know a lot about me I want you to meet my band.

COME ON IN GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled.

Mykenzi meet...

Liam Harry Zayn and Louis

Mykenzi's POV

It's nice to meet you guys.

So you guys are a band that go on tours and go all over the country...?

Harry POV

Yeah we first went to Paris and so on and here.

Mykenzi's POV

That's great Niall can I have a word with you in the kitchen.


*we walked in the kitchen*

Both POV

What do you need. he said

What I need is for you to stay. I said

What do you mean I'm not going anywhere. he replied

YEAH! What about the tour. I yelled

Umm...? he said

Yeah that's what I thought I knew I shouldn't of married you I knew you would leave me one way or another. I said

You know what just go to your friends.

*we walk into the living room*

Liam POV

Wha a lovely home you have.

Mykenzi's POV

Thank you Liam.

Maybe it would be better if we didn't have six little ones ,and we could actually clean it.




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