Me And You (A Niall Horan Fan-Fict)

Kimberly Corsil was a young dancer who was one directions Niall Horans Best friend. She secretly always loved him, but with his charming looks and millions of girls loving him also, she thought she would get thrown in the dumps. Does Niall have feelings for her too? And will someone else begin to develop feelings for one them?


1. Dance practice.

Cassandras POV

"Okay, dancers. Get with you partners we will begin class" Jake Morrison said. Jake was our dance teacher and a choreographer at "Star Dance Studios". I've been dancing since i was 12. I was always excited for dance practice and shows.

But today i was exhausted today because i spent the night hanging out with Niall and the boys. Niall was in One Direction and no he is not my boyfriend. We've known each other since pre-school. So theres nothing between us, I guess. Well.. we had one kiss in seventh grade, but it was nothing, To him.

Honestly i really like him but i never told anybody because you never know when someone can betray you and its worst when that person knows personal stuff about you so i never spoke a word about my crush. And im afraid to tell Niall because i might get laughed at. So im better off not saying a word.

"Kimberly" Jake called snapping me out of my daze. I looked at him and he curled his finger towards me. That meant "Come here". I walked towards jake and straightened my spine. "You know the dance to 'Inconditional' right?" He asked me pointing his blue eyes at me. Inconditional was a spanish song that invovles lots of hip movement and and passion. I nodded and he nodded also to cue the music.

Guitar music began and he smiled. When prince royce began to sing, He took my arm and spun me until my back was pressed against his torso and his arms wrapped around me. I have to admit, Jake was pretty hot but i had my sights set on a certain irish blonde.

I kept doing the choreography moving my hips with every step. I am hipanic so i know how to move my hips to this song. After the song was over i was out of breathe and alittle sweaty. "Great job" Jake said,still holding my hand. I smiled and let go of his hand and grabbed by duffle bag and exited the building.

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