Sexting Horan

Layla was just trolling on Twitter creeping on 1D, like any other directioner when she sees a tweet by Niall who says he's doing an Omegle find. What will happen between the two? Will things get steamy?


7. Chapter 7: Advice

Layla's P.O.V.

Less than a week until I meet. I honestly don't see whats so amazing about me. I'm just a brunette hazel eyed girl with average features. Niall well he's just amazing. I'm not completely obsessed with him just because he's famous. His personality is amazing, he's so adorable it gives me physical pains, and his accent drives me up the walls.

My IPhone makes a beep, indicating that i have a notification. Maybe it's from Niall? i unlock my phone...and it's Kat my best friend, i still wish it were Niall.

Kat: Hey Layalahhhhhh!

Me: Hey gurl Hey, what's up?

Kat: nothing much just thought I would bug you ;)

Typical Kat.

Me: Oh well i need to go do some stuff, so i'll text you later! :).

Kat: Ok byeee Lay :)

Maybe Niall is Just busy.

Niall's P.O.V.

I made my way to harry's hotel room, i really needed the advice for what to do about the whole layla situation. After all the curls get the girls. I knock on his door a few times and after a few moments he answers. 

"Hey Niall what's up?"

"i need you'r advice".

"Oh uh sure on what?".

"umm about girls...." i said shyly.

"yeah sure buddy, come on in".

He open the hotel door wider for me to come on in. He made his way to the couch in the middle of the room. Assuming this is were we would talk, I followed behind him and sat down beside him. I fiddled with my hands nervously as he began to speak. 

"so Niall what's the problem?".

"well you know how I did that omegle find several weeks ago?".

He nodded understandingly.

"Yea I did, what about it?".

Well I started talking to this girl named Layla. She's amazing like nobody I've ever meet before. So, i asked her if she wanted to meet cause she lives an hour away from the place we are playing at in Texas. I'm really nervous cause we might know. and we're both virgin's so it has to be something special. 

Harry just keep staring at me Intently. He took a deep breath and Exhaled loudly.

"Well, that's quite a predicament Nialler". I think you should just go for it. Make sure you plan it so it means something to the both of you. 

"Ok!, thanks Harry".

"No problem Niall, let me know how it goes, Yeah?".

"Of course You'll be the first to know".

Now hopefully I can think of something amazing. 

I'm determined to make this the best night of our lives.



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