Sexting Horan

Layla was just trolling on Twitter creeping on 1D, like any other directioner when she sees a tweet by Niall who says he's doing an Omegle find. What will happen between the two? Will things get steamy?


5. Chapter 5: Decisions.

Me: Hey Ni!

Niall: Hey Babes

Me: Hows tour?

Niall: It's going pretty good but im lonely tho ;)

Me: tht sucks, if i were there i sure i would help u w that.

Niall: Lay. are u from the us or uk or somewhere else.

Me: Murica haha y ;)

Omg. He gave me a nickname. Now time to fangirl Layla. Hold yourself together.

Damn girl, self control. Shit.

Niall: well it depends on what state you live in cuz we are going to the us in a few weeks, possibly we could meet up.

Oh My Gosh.

Me: well I live in Texas do you have any gig's there?.

Niall: Yeah we have two!, One is Dallas, and San Antonio.

Well Gee. Only 2 hours away. Fuck.

Me: I live pretty near there. Well close for it being Texas Ig haha, maybe two hours away or less.\

Niall:Really? do you think you can make it 2 on of r shows, and ya know hang out.

Niall Horan Just..huh?

Whew, clam your tits.


Oxygen is good.



Me: Yea that sounds perfect babes

Niall: can't wait ill give u more deets l8ter gtg, sound check <3 xx

Oh lawd a hurt and two kisses.

Boy is tryna to kill me i swear.

Me: bye Ni ttyl <3


That was cute....right?

He'll like that heart



I'm gonna meet Niall horan.



This all could turn out terrible.

What if he thinks im ugly?.

What if it's a joke?.

What am I going to do?.





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