Sexting Horan

Layla was just trolling on Twitter creeping on 1D, like any other directioner when she sees a tweet by Niall who says he's doing an Omegle find. What will happen between the two? Will things get steamy?


4. Chapter 4: Payback.

Layla P.O.V.

Niall. Niall. Niall. Niall. was all that went threw my head the past few days.

I sexted Niall Horan

I talked to Niall Horan

i sent a dirty picture to Niall Horan.

Niall Horan called me hot

Breath in and out. Oh. My. God.'

Should I kik him again? Or will he think im annoying. Fuck It.

Me:HEy babe

Niall:Hey layla

Ehhp he responded.

Me:Hows it going hope are convo didnt cause you any trouble last night.

I know it caused and it was interesting.

Niall:I think u know what exactly what u did. unfair layla.

Me: Oops?

Niall:Maybe I'll return the favor.;) ;)

Shit. What is that Leprechaun Gonna do. Two winky faces. That Can't be Good. oh lawdy.

Me:Oh what do u have in mind.


Niall:Well we could start w a picture cuz that drove me up the wall last night.

Yes. Yes. Yes. SEND THE PICTURE!. Woah layla. Calm you'r ass down. You have neighbors. 

Layla: That sounds great. Perfect actually.  Erm yup.

Wow. Smooth Layla. What a Charmer. 

What would you do if Niall James Horan sent you a nude.

You'd be convulsing on the floor right. exactly,

NIall:ok babe brb.

Shit. Fuck me in the ass, Im gonna need life support.

*New Picture Sent!*


Niall: *picture* so?


How does one carry on living

What is air?

Whew. Breath. Oh my potato 

He. Niall. Holy shit on toast.

Ok be cool, be flirty. ok.


Me:told you he wasnt little but holy fuck,

That was flirty right?.

Niall: So i take it u like?.

Oh Yea I fucking Like. Hell Yea.

Me:Yea ur pretty hot.

Niall:Ok thanks I guess ill leave you too it and we can talk later have some fun ;)

Bastard knew what he was doing.

Me:Yea I'll be here not staring at my phone or anything kbye.

How does one even comprehend, what just happened.


Excuse me while i fail,

Ok. so I clip on the picture and saved it to my photos would you?. yea you would.

I go and take a shower and get dress in rip wash skinny jeans. and a cami with a pink sweat shirt from aeropostale. 

I put on foundation and liquid eyeliner.

Then I blow dry my hair and straighten it.

He excepts me to go to work and funcation properly.

Aha. Yea Right.




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