Sexting Horan

Layla was just trolling on Twitter creeping on 1D, like any other directioner when she sees a tweet by Niall who says he's doing an Omegle find. What will happen between the two? Will things get steamy?


3. Chapter 3: So it begins.

Niall's P.O.V.

Wow. I thought I was just gonna talk to some 10 year old fans. But layla she's wow.

Maybe i'll talking to get it again. I get on my Iphone and open up the kik messenger app.

Me: hey! can u talk babe?.

Layla: Yeah for a bit :)

Me: Yeah so great ur pretty fit babe.\

Layla: well so are you Niall ;) do you think i can get  a pic now??.

Oh so she wants to see my lucky charms. not that much to tonight.

I take a picture in a full length mirror in my calvin  Klein  Boxer briefs and no shirt.

Me: *picture sent* what do u think bby?. Xx

Layla: wow. ur Uh R u FUCKEN photoshopped!?. Hot damn.

Gee I didn't think i looked that good, but I'll take it, it's nice to know she finds me attractive just as much as i find her.

Me: hahaha thanx love, but really im not thaaat good looking. u on the other hand, ur fucking sexy.

Layla: have you seen you're self right?. ur so fucking Hot so stfu. DAYUM. it's getting hot in here.

Me: idk babe it might just be u ;) y don't u just remove a couple of layers. by couple i mean everything ;).

Layla: I just might, maybe you can help me ;) I'd love 2 have ur strong hands all over me.

Holy Shit. that girl might just be the death of me. Niall Jr down behave!!.

Me: Idk babe send another pic so i know what im dealing with. and we'll see how im welling 2 help. this time take it all off so ik what im workin with xx.

Layla: *new picture message!* nm babe u like?.

DAYUM. she has the best tit's i ever seen and such a fit body and damn dat ass.

Oh here comes little Niall Jr, all excited and shit.

Me: uh yeah I like, I like a lot. Omfg u look like u work for Victoria Secret in ur spare time. Don't u. FUck me.

Layla: if u want me to babe ;) nm i bet ur real big. I'd love to put you in my mouth babe. And Suck....And Lick..would u like that ni? ;)

Oh jeez what is she trying to do to me

Me: yeah baby i'd love that. u can't have all the fun tho. I'd ravage ur body. And palm ur amazing fucken tit's and eat u out n finger u. Hows it sounding babe?. u wet yet?.

Layla: i was wet when u said Hey. Ur just killing me. I guess I gotta take care of myself. U hard yet?.

You Bet I'm hard. Bitch Be Lucky the boys aren't home yet. Shit.

Me: oh yah. im hard alright. And I guess i gotta handle things with the right hand.

Yup Here goes.

Layla: Baby I'm close. talk dirty to me Ni.

Me: Imagine me kissing n sucking on ur neck. and licking all ur sweet juices. I can't wait 2 taste u properly. and sucking on ur big tits. cum for me babe.

Yup there I got. Thanks Layla.

Layla: mmm That was great babe. well i gotta um uh go clean up babe. so ttyl.

Me: Bye babe don't have 2 much fun without me ;) xx.

Damn That Girl. i havent had to ching my chong in a while. and there she goes being all sexy and shit. Fucking Hell.

Well I guess go as she put it "clean up" I hope she know's what she's getting herself into.

Because Niall James Horan is a winner and he goes Hard.


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