Sexting Horan

Layla was just trolling on Twitter creeping on 1D, like any other directioner when she sees a tweet by Niall who says he's doing an Omegle find. What will happen between the two? Will things get steamy?


1. Chapter 1: Finding Niall

Trolling threw twitter on my laptop in bed. I see that Niall is doing a Omegle Find. So obviously, I go and sexify myself. 

I put on my push up bra and a low cut shirt, short shorts. Gotta make a impression right?. I double check my make-up, Ehh It will do.

I run to my laptop and go on omegle. and click "start chat". 

Countless dicks Later.

Hey, Love!.

I squeeze my eyes shut to make sure im not imaging. Seeing that much dick in one sitting really messes up a bitch.

OMG Niall?.

Yup the one and only I think.

I giggle and say.

I cant believe it's really you. You have NO idea how much dick i had to see to find you.

Yeah, Kinda nasty right?. Hey I have a sound track in a few hours do you have a kik?.

Aha, Yeah.

Well what is it?, haha

Uhm Ehe, niallswhoran,

Cute babe, ill talk to you later, He said Flirtatiously. 

Uh Yeah yeah Bye Niall.

I Just talked to Niall fucking James Fucking Horan. Fuck.

What is air.

I sit on my bed trying to learn how to breathe and carry on with life, when I heard my Phone beep.

Niall:Hey Babe it was nice talking 2u Ur pretty fit ;) text u l8er.

Holy Shit.


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