Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


23. what to do today?

Storms pov

After we had finished our little game of getting to know each other I felt more comfortable and less awkward. Well I thought it was very strange that I was wearing pjs with one direction on while sitting in the same room as the boys in person. I ended up shaking it off and carrying on with the convos action the boys were havering ''so what we goner do today?'' Said Harry. Niall spoke up next ''well I was thinking the beach because it's really nice out and well Storm hasn't been to the beach yet and I assume Rose hasn't either so we could go and take them there if yas want?'' We all smiled and nodded then Rachael, Rose and myself went up satires to get ready. ''Well then girlies how do you like the boys?'' Rachael's face was all bright and she has a wide smile like a Cheshire Cat. Myself and Rose smiled and nodded rather fast. ''I no right! I really like Harry. Every time they come to visit my he always draws me a picture it's so cute and I keep them all. I'm sure he likes me but I'm to scared to ask so I'm just waiting for him to ask me out. I like him like loads but yeah I'm to shy'' I smiled at Rachael and shuck my head a little. ''Well I have 3 showers one here in my room one in the bathroom down satires and one in the bathroom upstairs towels are already there and if you just come back in with the towel round you then we can pick out the clothes to wear. Ready girls? Then let's GGGOOO''. Rachael laughed at her plan of action and me and Rose smiled. I was going in the shower down satires Rose was in Rachael's room and Rachael way upstairs hall way. I walked down the satires in to Rachael's bathroom, it was blue with wall art of dolphins and wales, also there were wall ornaments of dolphins jumping over the painted waves. It was beautiful. I know it sounded stupid to say a bathroom is beautiful bit I've never been I'm one like this before. It's all new to me. I turned the shower on and waited for it to heat up. I took off the pj's Rachael had lent to me and fluffed up my hair. I let out a shaky breath from the cold tiles on the floor and stepped in the shower, it felt nice the warm water hitting off my body. I felt like the dirty layer of skin had fallen off and revealing my new one of a fresh nice smelling me. I reached for the pink shampoo and rubbed it through my brown hair, I could smell berry scent to the shampoo as it filled the room with it's sweet fragrant. I threw my head back to rinse the shampoo off my face. I was enjoying the water on my body when I herd a clicking sound. I just thought something must have fallen so I just left it and carried on, I rubbed the soap all around my body and then rises that off to. I knocked the water off but I could still hear a dripping so looked up and nothing was leaking, are well I thought to myself I shook it off and reached for my towel in the bathroom door. I always found this part annoying because I could never reach the towel. Arh this is so frustrating sack it I ended up stepping out of the warm shower in to the cold air just to grab my towel. I smiled at myself knowing I haddent been beaten and turned around.

When I turned around I didn't expect to see what I saw but I didn't move I was in so much shock. There stood by the toilet having a piss what Niall! I thought back and realised that was the dripping noise. He finished up and zipped up his pands and watched his hands. My jaw was dropped and I couldn't believe he was acting so cool about this. ''Oh hey Storm I hope you don't mind but I needed a waz but I herd you in the shower so I just snuck in. I didn't think you would notice but then again I've never known a girl who could shower so fast''. I was still stood in shock until I realised he was looking at me. Oh shit I havnt got the towel around me. My body and face went bright red as I tried to wrap my towel around me as fast as I could. I could hear Niall laughing at me panicking. ''Dont worry darlin you have a beautiful body'' he flashed me a cheeky smile and walked past me and out the bathroom door running his hand across my waist.

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