Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


25. Road trip

Niall's p.o.v


FUCKING YES I CAN STAY lol I dont no why I'm so glad it's kinda making me sound like a perv haha mm my pretties I get to stay while you get changes mwhahah. Wow please remind me never to do that again eww that's was gross anywho carrying on, the little incident in the bathroom I only wanted the toilet it just happened that Storm was there but are well but DAMB has she got a hott body. But ye it was kind of on purpose at the same time lol I'm so cheeky are well. The girls got ready and it was time to go, we all piled in to Rachael's car and drove to McDonald's because these girls needed something to eat since they still had a hangover. ''What beach are we going to Liam?'' I asked and he just smiled a cheeky smile and I knew where we were exactly. I tried to talk to Storm but she didn't feel to good, in fact all of the girls were ill, they had their heads out of the window in to the fresh air. I sat with my arm around her I don't no why so I wouldn't ask. I felt a sort of connecting with her from the first time I saw her it's really wired because I don't even no the poor girl but I don't believe what she told Rachael about her mam and boyfriend. I think it's a cover story but what for exactly? But the back if her head I'm really concerned about that but I'm not going to bring it up to her because it might upset her maybe?

****************later that day************************

Later on we arrived at the beach but this is Liam's special beach. Want to no why? It's the nudest beach so Liam loves it! As soon as we turned the certain corner all of us boys knew where we were going but non of the girls did. We all looked at each other and tried to contain our laughter until Rachael noticed. ''Whats so funny Niall?''. ''Oh nothing I was just thinking about something that's all'', ''Niall man don't give it away'' Louis said through his chuckles. The next thing I no is that all the boys are laughing, we just cant stop* Rachael, Storm and Rose looked annoyed as they didn't no why we were laughing, I felt kind of bad but im sure they wont be impressed at this very special beach when we get there.

About ten minuets later our laughs grew harder as Liam pulled in to a parking spot. Our laughs turned to murmurs as Liam hushed us all up ready to say his big speech.

''Hush down everyone I have an announcement to make! Well it has been a privilege to drive you all down to this very special beach of mine. It is full of life and culture so I hope you enjoy it as much as me and the lads will. I shall now unlock the car''.

Every one ran out of the car the girls ran strait down to the beach to pick a spot to leave all of our things. Myself and the lads went to the boot of the car to unload all the food and drinks and bbq for later. We carried it all down to see the girls already starting to get undressed to go in to the sea. ''That's the spirit girls get it all off'' Louis shouted down to the girls.

We got to the spot and they were still getting changed. I really don't no how it can take so long just to get some shorts and a top off. anyway they tied up their hair and started unbuttoning their shirts and shorts. I no I shouldn't but I couldn't help it I watched Storm get undressed. her fingers looked perfect undoing each button with care and then she slid down one arm and the down her other. ''Niall'', ''Niall'', ''Niall stop staring!''.  I turned around to see Zayn looking at me with a wired expression on his face ''what?'' ''your making it obvious mate that your stairing at her yeah she's got a great body but come on make it less obvious eh'' ''am I that obvious?'' all the lads turned around and nodded their heads. I turned back around and Storm was in front of me looking at me did she just hear our conversation? mm maybe she wants something? I looked at her and saw that her biki top must have came undone when she was getting changed ''do you want me to clasp it?'' she smiled and nodded and I was about to ask why she didn't ask one of the girls but they had already gone in the water. I stud up and she lifted her strawberry smelling hair with one hand as her other was covering her breasts. I ran my finger around the side to untwist it and she jumped at my cold touch ''sorry hunny'' she smiled and nodded and I clapped up her top. She held her hand out for me and I wondered why but I realised she wanted me to go in to the see with her. ''Do you want me to go with you?'' She once again smiled and nodded '' okay one minuet then so I can get changed just stay there I'll just get my trunks''. ''Niall just go in, in your boxers we are'' ''alright then'' I took off my t-shirt exposing my toned body and I looked at Storm to see she couldn't take her eyes away I didn't say anything through because I don't want to embarrass her I just smiled and shook it off. I then pulled down my chinos and was left in my Calvin Klines boxers and yeah she was still looking and I just smiled. ''Ready?'' Storm snapped back in to reality and smiled and nodded I don't no what it is about that girl and smileing and nodding yeah I no she doesn't talk but aaarrr im thinking to much in to it if she doesn't want to talk then so be it. I grabbed her soft hand and we walked down to the water. Rachael and storm were splashing each other and laughing.  

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