Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


16. Mini Party

I touched the picture and felt a hand being genitally placed on my shoulder. ''Pretty isn't it''. I nodded my head and turned around. ''Oh your pj's are the one direction ones sorry that thee one direction my cousin sent me then for a joke because he is in the band. I gave Rachael a confused look. ''You know one direction? There the biggest band on the planet right now''. I shuck my head. ''Well there is this band called One Direction there 5 boys Niall Horan hes my cousin, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Liam Payne. They all went on u no that show the X-factor''. Another confused look came across my face. '' You've never herd of the x-factor omg right its a show what people go on to become famous singers. Some people are crap and some are EXCELLENT hey come over here and ill show you a really funny one. But i have to admit what Niall went for his audition i had a crush on him we were 16 and i had a huge crush on him but of course i don't now i find him really annoying''.  Rachael laughed the whole way through and i smiled like mad when the video was finished there was a interruption by a rustling sound. We turned around and saw Rose eating the cereal we had brought ''Erm Rose how come your eating cereal?''. I tuck the pen and paper off the bed and wrote down. Oh Rose got told to bring it by Mother so she wouldn't be hungry.

''Orrr okay well ill go and you to can get changed Rose your pj's are the gray ones with 1D on the front sorry he sent me them to. Crazy kid. Nice. But crazy any way ive got some chips and so in the oven i thought i burned them before that's why i had to rush off but they were fine ill go plate them up ill meet yous down stares in the living room'' Rachael left the room and me and rose just looked at each other. I looked in to her eyes and i knew she was scared but i also knew she didn't want to go back to mothers. We got changed then quietly walked down the stares. I sat on the long sofa with Rose next to me. Rachael came through with three jam jars full of different colored liquid. two of them had a strawberry on the side and they were handed one to me and the other to Rose ''Ive already ate my strawberry try the drink its nice'' I smelled the liquid and all i could smell was alcohol all the memories came flooding back. Mother getting drunk everyday and night hitting me and throwing me at stuff and throwing stuff at me. My eyes began to water but then i snapped out of my trance and wrote down  Alcohol? Rachael nodded her head and put a devilish smile on. But Rose is only 16 and she has school tomorrow ''Its fine she can have the day off cant she''. Rose perked up as soon as she herd she could have the day off she practically hugged the small jam jar and then drank it in one go eating the strawberry afterwards. Hahaha looks like the day off collage for you tomorrow then. I quickly wrote down on the paper with a smile and she smiled proudly back at me. ''Yey lets get wasted''


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