Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


17. Mini Party Part 2

Rachael went back in to the kitchen taking Roses jam jar with he to top it up. I tuck a sip of mine and Rose gave me a devilish look. I smiled at her with  a confused look. She sighed hen grabbed the paper. I get the day off tomorrow :D. Don't push it Missy Rachael was kind enough to give you that drink hahaha your going back in Tuesday though ;D. OOOOrrrrr you really no how to kill the thrill don't you :). Hahaha don't drink to much though. I wasn't happy about getting it because of Mother. But we cant tell her that i got dumped by my fake boyfriend and mother went in to hospital. Imagine that Rachael finding out that i lied to her about have a boyfriend Ive never had a boyfriend and then what if she finds out we have a violent druggy alcoholic mother that was the one that made the  cut on the back of my head i don't think she would talk to me ever again. Yer maybe your right i wont drink much i will sip this one and it will be my last :). Rachael came back in the room with a large plate full of sausages and chips and it was on a large tray which was full of different colors of alcoholic drinks. I tuck a deep breath and smiled ''Right girlies we have blue wicked the orange one red and blue erm we have shots of jagermeister we have mwaaahhh shots and peach snaps oh and some disaronno and coke we've got different stuff for cocktails and i made some skittles vodka yesterday because i really want to try it''.

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