Scared [A Niall Horan Love Story

Storm is all alone. She has a abusive mother and no farther. Her mother beat her first child to death and she has one left. She is called Rose. She is 16 years old and goes to collage. Storm is 18 and works in a cafe. Their farther killed himself because of their mother. She is an alcoholic and abusive. but now who will look out for Storm and Rose?....


15. BedRoom

Rachael s room was amazing it had blue fluffy fairy lights around her bed and from her ceiling hung a wight princess net which was delicately placed around the double bed. Drawn pictures hung from the pale pink walls with flowers painted around. I noticed that there was a tree painted on her wall in the corner of her room with leafs falling off. There was a boy sat in it with a hat on that was a shape of a wolf or dog; He was playing the guitar while singing. Also there was a girl on another branch hung upside down with a frown on her face the in a idea cloud next to her it said ''Turn That Frown Upside Down'' I smiled at it because of how creative it was but my favorite part was that on the grass there was a girl leaning again the same tree as the singing boy and upside down girl. She was just reading her book but she looked so peaceful and so taken by her imagination. It reminded me of when my Mother and Dad use to read to me. Dad would do the voices because Mother was no good at it. But she would read it. And just when i got to sleep she would kiss my forehead and whisper god night my angel. That was our song would sing it every day but not any more. Not ever again. I will never get my Mother back and down want to.

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