The Name on Your Lips

Allison and her best friend, Haylie are just moving to the big city. She doesn't know anybody, but runs into someone she's been seeing. The only weird thing is she's been seeing him in her dreams. Her heart says yes, but her mind says no. What will she do?

Sorry guys, I don't write very good at writing those things, but I promise you if you jut try and read this hopefully you'll like it. Thanks so much. xoxo


1. Him?

"Allison!" Haylie called to me. I just groaned, and lifted a pillow to throw at her. 

"Woahhhhh! Chill out. Just get up! I made us breakfast." she smiled, happy about something. I sat up in my bed. I loved it here. I looked around our new pent house. We had two bedrooms, a large kitchen, two bathrooms, and a medium sized living room. It's really homey. I liked it. I got out of bed and looked around my finally finished bedroom. The walls are painted gray with drawing, poems, lyrics, and stories all over them. My bed is a queen sized memory foam. THANK GOSH! I've always had trouble sleeping. But now with them dreams. Ugh, every one's the same. I'm walking on the street and everything goes dark, and I start to close my eyes. As soon as I open them a boy is standing in front of me. His green orbs staring straight into mine. I giggle. I love him, and I have no idea who he is.

As I'm walking to the bathroom I decide to take a well needed shower. I slipped out of my clothes, and turned the water on. I stepped in, and let the steam consume me. I got out, applied simple make-up, threw my hair in a fish tail braid, and got dressed. Today I decided to wear.... um, actually I have no idea. 

"Haylie! What should I wear today?" I hollered. Hearing her laugh at my question then storm in my room. 

"Um, something casual. I thought maybe we could go to Starbucks, and then shopping?" She suggested. I nodded my head and then shooed her out of the room so I could get dressed. 

I finally decided to go with high-waisted black shorts with a short pink shirt, a silver bag, shoes, and rings. 

I honestly don't feel like going anywhere, but maybe I do owe Haylie some time. Since her parents pay for like everything. Well, here we go. 


"What about this?" I nodded in approval, as we ran to the cashier counter, we had seriously bought maybe half the mall. But oh well. We are both stylist for Timeline Magazine. We both get paid an awful lot, so why not ya know? 

We locked arms, and walked over to a Starbucks across the street.

OH MY GOSH. I froze. Who the heck is that? I know him. 

"Hello? Ally? What do you want?" 

"Oh, um a caramel ribbon crunch, pleeease." 

I have to know his name. I didn't realize I was walked until I bumped into him.

"Um, excuse me. But who the hell are you?" He looked up, and his eyes beamed through me. 

It was him. I finally see him.

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