Is There Anybody Out There?


2. School

Monday morning. I woke up, got changed, grabbed my school stuff and got out of the house as quickly as possible. Mornings are when my parents are most violent. That's when they hit me, that's when I'm left there in the corner crying and wondering what I did wrong.


I walked to school, earphones in, music full blast. In a world of my own until I got pushed in front of a car. Going flying, I closed my eyes hoping it was the end of my life. I hit the ground. Not a noise escaped my mouth as I lay there, eyes wide open. Hoping I was dead, I lay there a bit longer. I only found out I was still alive because my bag landed on top of me. I took my headphones out and took a look around, everyone standing there laughing at me. I could of died and they wouldn't care, not one bit.


Picking myself and my bag off the ground, I put my headphones back in and continued to make my way to school. Showing no emotion what-so-ever. I have no emotions, I am dead on the inside. There is nothing inside me, no heart, no soul, nothing.


First class was biology. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate biology. I shoved my bag under my desk and slumped down on my chair. The bell rang and the teacher looked at me.



"What do you want?" I asked

She didn't reply, she just stood and stared at me.

"What do you want??!!" I said, agitated now.


I then realised that I hadn't taken my hoodie off and that's why she was looking at me the way she was. I sighed and started to unzip my hoodie. That's when I realised I had thrown on my short sleeved shirt and I quickly zipped it up again. She stopped speaking and looked at me.


"Lily, take your hoodie off right now" She said

"No." I protested

"Lily. I'll get the head teacher"

"On you go then" I replied


Sure enough, she got the head teacher to come to the class. The head teacher looked at me and sighed.

"Do I have to call your parents? Or are you going to take off your jumper?"


After about fifteen minutes of arguing with the head teacher I eventually gave in and took off my jumper. I took it off and the whole class gasped. The teachers and all the pupils looked at my arms in disgust. My arms weren't recognisable. It looked like I had been savagely attacked by a wild animal. New scars and old scars, all were visible. Some of the cuts and burns were fresh, just been done the night before. I sat there, trying to hide my arms as I felt ashamed. The way everyone looked at me, I felt ashamed. I felt scared. The head teacher walked out and left the teacher to teach the class.


For the rest of the day, I had people staring at me, spitting at me, shouting at me, screaming at me. They were calling me names, throwing things at me, laughing at me. For the whole day, I got abuse. I was scared, I was angry, I was afraid. But most of all, I was alone.

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