Is There Anybody Out There?



5. Hell

I got into school, and the bell rang. Shit

Walking through the corridors to my class, everyone stayed at the sides and stared. No one bothered to walk next to me, they all avoided me. All they did was stare. Some people laughed, some people spat at me, others threw things.


I kept my head down, walking as fast as I could until I got to my next class. I flung my bag under my desk and slumped down on my seat. Music up as loud as possible, I closed my eyes. Trying to ignore everyone staring at me. We had a substitute teacher in, and she stared at me. She was saying something but all I could hear was my music. Eventually, she stood up and walked out the room. Confused to what was going on, I took out my earphones and all of a sudden, everyone loomed over me.



"Fucking faggot"

"Show us your wrists, show us your arms"

Pushing and shoving me, I tried my best to ignore them but they were overpowering. I ended up on the floor, everyone kicking me, throwing things at me. I curled up into a ball, gently sobbing. I just wanted them to stop, I just wanted them to leave me alone. I'm no different to them, I have feelings, I do hurt too, I'm not completely emotionless.


The teacher must've came in about 5 minutes later with the head teacher, rushing over to me she shooed everyone away. Not like that would make a difference now, the damage was done. She helped me up and ask if I was alright, I just grabbed my bag, told her to fuck off, and walked out. She ran after me and told me to go back, told me that everything would be fine and that the class were sorry and it'd be dealt with. Bullshit. I told her she was fucking pathetic, nothing she could say nor do would make anything better. Then I turned around and walked out of school.

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