DELILAH *Sequel*

I guess I'm not the daughter that they expected to have. Oh well.
My mother (the only person in this world that defends me) was diagnosed with lung cancer just a few months ago, and none of us even want to think about how much longer she has. My older sister, Minnie, just went off to college, and without daddy's little princess in the house, he gets mad about everything and anything. He hates the love of my life, my friends, my job and all the other things in my life that I love.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my father is Harry Styles... Right?

Part II to MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fan-fiction)


10. Ten

"Is this room okay?"

"It's great. Thank you, William." 

"Um, I guess you can settle in. I'll get you some sheets for your bed." I nodded at him and set my purse down. I didn't have clothes or a toothbrush or anything. "This belonged to your grandmother a while back. I have no clue why I've saved them for this long. I thought maybe you'd need some sleep clothes so I dug these up." he handed me a large t-shirt with the guns n' roses logo on it. And a pair of olive green yoga pants. It wasn't my specific choice of pajama wear, but it'll have to do. 


"I'll be in the living room." 


I laid the tan comforter on the bed, and sighed. The hole in my sock was bugging me because I could feel the cold floor beneath me. 

I wondered if my parents were thinking of me. If they tried looking for me. This is probably the last place they'd think I'd be. In Germany. I just want to see if they'l make an effort to find me. 

I tiptoed out of the bedroom and into the living area. I spotted William, who was popping a pill. He gulped down some water and turned around to see me staring at him. "So, Delilah." he cleared his throat uncomfortably and opened the fridge. He handed me a bottle of water and I gladly took it. "How'd you get here?"

"I got on a train." 

"Hmmm. That's what I did when I took the trip down there. Its not fun."

"It was alright." 

"Why do you seem so tense, sweetheart? Relax."

"I can't really seem to." I admitted, trying to push my shoulders back. I wasn't afraid of him, even though I knew what he was capable of. For some reason, I trusted him. 

"Don't be scared of me. I don't want my own daughter to be afraid of me." 

I hesitated. "... I trust you." he leaned forward and hugged me. It was more comfortable than last time. 

"Just bear with me, here. I'm new at this." I giggled, then. And pulled away. "You should get some sleep, honey. It's passed midnight." I nodded. 

"I'll see you in the morning, William. Thank you again for all of this." 

"My pleasure." 

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