DELILAH *Sequel*

I guess I'm not the daughter that they expected to have. Oh well.
My mother (the only person in this world that defends me) was diagnosed with lung cancer just a few months ago, and none of us even want to think about how much longer she has. My older sister, Minnie, just went off to college, and without daddy's little princess in the house, he gets mad about everything and anything. He hates the love of my life, my friends, my job and all the other things in my life that I love.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my father is Harry Styles... Right?

Part II to MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fan-fiction)


4. Four

"I almost died." Kevin sighed. I giggled, and pulled him close. He'd just climbed up the bricks and into my room. He only comes over when nobody's home, and usually uses the front door. Dad was leaving in a few minutes to go have dinner with his old band mates, and Mom was downstairs talking on the phone with Minnie. So I figured they wouldn't notice.

"You smell like heaven." I said, nuzzling into my boyfriend's neck and blushing at the fact that I had just spoken my thoughts out loud.

"Thanks?" he laughed, and leaned in to kiss me. I gladly accepted the offer, immediately deepening it. Some books fell of he floor when he shoved me up against the wall, (one of his favorite moves). I lightly moaned and shoveled my fingers in his hair. "You're so beautiful, Dee." he whispered into my mouth. I smiled, and kissed him faster and harder. He made me feel beautiful, every single day. Call me pathetic, but I don't care. He literally means everything to me. Jesus, why am I so infatuated with him?

I ran one of my hands up his shirt as he nibbled at my skin. Somehow my body climbed his, and my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. "My parents are home." I told him, swallowing nervously as he pinched my bum. 

"Both of them?" I nodded. "I don't care, I want you." He kissed me again and again, and we moved to my bed. I caressed his perfectly tanned arms and bit his lower lip. My eyes were closed, and my body felt numb as he started tugging down my fuzzy pajama pants. In a good way, of course. But all of a sudden, I felt his body lift from mine, and his warmth was gone. My eyes shot open to see my dad with his hand on Kevin's throat. 

"Shit!" I murmured, tumbling off my bed. I flew over to them, with my heart beating on my tongue. Kevin was gazing at me with scared eyes, and I had no clue what to do. "Dad we weren't doing anything! Just let him go!" I tugged on the material of his grey shirt and shrieked. "Please!" 

"I will fucking find you if you ever come near my daughter again. I told you not to see him anymore, Delilah!" he shouted. "All he wants is a piece of ass! He doesn't love you." I picked up my sobs as I tried pulling him off again. 

"I love her, Sir." Kevin assured him, trying to take deep breaths. Dad slammed him again against my wall and almost spat in his face.

"You don't even know what love is, mate." They both grunted, with furious expressions.

"Christ, Harry!" Mom ran in, saving the day once again. "Get off of him." she used all of her strength to rip his body away. "Can I speak with you in the hall for a moment?" she said firmly, his eyes still glued to a red-faced Kevin, who was at my feet. "NOW." she added, gripping his arm and pulling him out of my room. 

"Kevin, I d-dont- I don't know I'm so sorry he jus-"

"Shh, shh. Babe, I'm okay." he stood up, his face gaining back its original color. I stroked his cheek, not knowing what else to say. "But I better go before you're dad stabs me." he chuckled. 

"How are you laughing right now?" I asked, sighing tiredly and putting my hands on my head. 

"Because I know that there's no way I'm letting anything come between us." he kissed my nose, and sat at the edge of my window. "I love you." 

"I love you." I repeated, fluttering my lashes. And he was gone. 



Hey guys! How do you like the new story? :) 

So I imagined Kevin looking like Diego Boneta. (if you don't know who that is, and your using the app, just look him up on google images) Anyways, thanks again for all your love! And keep readin because its gonna get juicier! lol :) xoxoxoxoxo


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