DELILAH *Sequel*

I guess I'm not the daughter that they expected to have. Oh well.
My mother (the only person in this world that defends me) was diagnosed with lung cancer just a few months ago, and none of us even want to think about how much longer she has. My older sister, Minnie, just went off to college, and without daddy's little princess in the house, he gets mad about everything and anything. He hates the love of my life, my friends, my job and all the other things in my life that I love.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my father is Harry Styles... Right?

Part II to MINNIE (A Harry Styles Fan-fiction)


18. Eighteen

"One more step and she's dead." He says, the sick voice ringing in my ears. 

"Mom." I say looking at her with a broken heart. 

"Harry get her out." She says, choking. He's got her in a head lock. 

"Shut up." William says, digging the gun deeper. She cries out, triggering the sharp anger in my dad's eyes.

"Listen, just let her go." he tells him, pushing me back. I take a second to notice the opened window in the corner.

"Why would I do that? All the trouble this family has caused me.."

"That we've caused you?" I yell, interrupting him. "You've caused us the trouble for years!" And in one split second the gun is pointed at my face. He's just feet away. 

"Say another word. I dare you." he spits. 

"Please, no." Mom wails, kicking her feet. 

"What are you gonna do now Styles? You can't touch me." Dad's teeth grind together at his words. He takes a deep slow breath. The evil man steps closer, dragging Mom with him. She screams, loud, and the gun is suddenly on her again. There's a healing gash underneath William's eye, the doing of my father I'm assuming from that awful night.  I feel a warm hand on my back and my heart drops when I hear dad whisper to Kevin. 

"Take her away to Louis' house and tell him not to let her leave until he gets word from me. Understood?" Kevin grabs my waist. 

"Yes, Sir." He yanks me away right when my father dives in. I can't see anything once I'm pulled into the hallway, I can only hear shouting and my mothers desperate sobs. I start screaming at the top of my lungs as Kevin lifts me to get me to the bottom of the stairs. 

"Let me down! I hate you! Get off of me!" I shout, kicking him and hitting him with lots of force. It gets to the point where he has to drag me to the front door. I swing and scream until a loud bang strikes my ears and we all freeze. Zayn is the first one to act, making swift movements to make it quickly up the steps with fear all over his face. One of dad's other friends follow him and Kevin continues to take me out of the house. I can't yell anymore before my world is frozen. The gun went off, and there's a two out of three chance that one of my parents just got shot. And I can't breath. 

I let Kevin carry on. I'm seated on his motorcycle and he puts his helmet over my head. He gets on and I don't even hear the engine start. I don't feel it when we start to move. The feeling of wind is absent and his body heat does not exist. Everything goes blurry, even when I'm carried to Louis' front door. 

I'm shifted into Lou's arms and he places me gently on the couch, kneeling in front of me and stroking my head while Kevin explains everything.He's out of breath and I don't know if he's talking too quickly or if it's just in my head. But I definitely don't miss the part when he informs Louis about keeping me here until Harry says so. My eyes stay closed until I hear Lou's soft voice directed at me. "Love, look at me." And I do. "Everything's going to be fine."

"How could you say that..." I mumble, tears forming quickly. 

"Well, we just have to hope for the best. You're safe here, you know that." I sit up fast and hug him, knowing i'll feel a smidge better once he starts to squeeze me. 

"I want my parents." I say, huffing and puffing into his shoulder. He just rubs my back. 

"The sun is near rising, don't you want to try and get some sleep?" I shake my head no. "C'mon lets go." he pulls away and takes my hand. I look at Kevin and give him a simple kiss goodbye. 

"I'll call you to let you know." I say, and he nods. "I love you." 

"Love you too, Dee. You sure you're good here?" He seems protective, and I don't feel the need to think its cute. I actually feel a bit defensive that he distrusts Louis. 

"I'm fine. I've been spending nights here since I was in diapers." 

"She's alright with me, mate." Lou pats his back hard and Kevin leaves. "He seems to care for you quite a lot." I don't even give him a small smile, I just look. "Let's get you to your room." He guides me into the hallway. 

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