Snow White (Harry Styles Love Story)

"FIND HER! BRING HER TO ME DEAD OR ALIVE!" The evil queen shouted. She turned slightly to the mirror on the wall and grinned. "I have big plans for Snow White." She whispered almost inaudibly.


1. Chapter One ~ Memories

It's been about sixteen years since I was banished from the beautiful kingdom I lived in. I can't remember much of what I did there or how my mother or father looked. I was only six when I was banished, but it wasn't because of my parents. 

Someone evil had done this. All I remembered was sleeping peacefully and then there was smoke, lots of smoke. I was started choking and couldn't breathe. The door opened to my room and I screamed whatever I could muster. I kicked and punched and fought against the stranger who held me down. I looked up. A beautiful woman. She smiled and I felt as if I could trust her. 

I was wrong. "Snow White, dear Snow White." She stroked my long brown hair. "Get out." She said sternly behind her gritted perfect teeth.

"W-what?" I shook.

"GET OUT!" Her voice echoed through my room and mixed with the crackling of the smoke and orange flames around us. My parents were screaming, villagers screamed for help, then there were the screams of the forgotten souls who lived on every corner of the cobblestone streets. I nodded and did as she told, bolting from under her, and into the streets. 

There was a nicker from the white horse next to me. I must have fallen asleep in the middle of the forest. It was the best hours of sleep I've had in sixteen years, except for the nightmare. 

I gathered my water jug, and cloth packed with food I found onto the worn out saddle bags on the horse. I stroked the wonderful creature's neck and let him know we were both going to be okay. It was easier for him, every time we stopped to take a break, he could graze on grass and drink from a stream. It was easier for me to find water than it was to find food. 

I was an animal person, having the power to talk to animals and know what they think about or think about doing. I wasn't like a hunter to just go and kill animals, so I fed on vegetables in any villages I came upon or apples that feel from a tree. I had also found the old saddle in the last village I stayed at. They gave me food, water, and the saddle hoping it would last me a few days. 

"It's okay boy. I feel like we have just a little more to go and we'll be there." See, I was trying to find my way back to the kingdom. I want to get back the crown that is rightfully mine. I wasn't sure if my parents found a replacement princess or just left my crown where it should be on my old vanity. 

Prince Harry was my best friend at the time. He was geeky and had eye problems. But he was the sweetest kid I knew. I wonder what happened to the poor boy. 

"Snow White, when I get older, you're going to be my princess and queen." We locked arms and climbed the hill. At the top of the hill was a tree, and a water well. Below the hill was a group of wild horses just grazing and doing what they always did. The water well was always full and cleaned by a service man in the village every week. 

"Harry, aren't you supposed to marry someone else? Your parents don't think marrying me is a great idea." I whispered and leaned on his shoulder. We sat and watched the sunset, Harry wrapping an arm around me. 

"I don't care what Mother or Father says." He closed his eyes and so did I. 

The memory brought tears to my eyes. It was one of my favorite memories that I could remember. Sometimes I'd dream about laying there and the awful night at the kingdom never happened. I'd be there with Harry and Mother and Father. The awful woman would have never told me to leave.

I was brought back to reality and galloped across fallen trees and logs in the Dark Forest. I must find my way back to the kingdom, and I must get my crown back, I must see my parents, and I must see Harry. Harry...

A/N: Hey guys! I think I love this story and you will too! Any comments? It would mean a lot! Thank you! 





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