Forever Found

On September 19th 1993, a mother gave birth to triplets. However the mother panicked not knowing what to do and when no one was looking she ran. Leaving her new born triplets at the hospital.
The triplets are sent off to live with other families. Jess went to live with a young couple in a small village, while Niall went off to live with a couple that lived in Ireland. Emily the last triplet (or you could say the runt of the litter) never found a family. So as a newborn baby she was sent to an orphanage in London.
This is the story of the triplets, Jess, Niall and Emily. Will they ever meet in the future?

Sorry this is such a pooey blurb but the story will be so much better :D
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5. Chapter 5


Nialls p.o.v

A few hours later, Louis decided we should go out and buy new water guns, wow amazing birthday treat right. However he wanted to go without security so, Paul tod us we had to go in disgue.

"Wow this look so normal," Harry laughed putting on a pair of sunglasses.

I sniggered we did, all look pretty stupid, I guess if people think we look like gangsters they won't, suspect were actually 1D.

We decided to walk insetad of drive, and I have to say it was nice being able to go out without getting, mobbed, or screamed at.

We arrived in the shopping centre and went straight to the, toy shop totally something that gangsters would do.

A few of the customers look at us in alarm, I held my breath in case they spotted us but they just carried on shopping.

Louis went to the shelf, grabbed five water blasters and took them to the till.

"Gee you really need five"? the women at the till asked in alarm.

Louis nodded. She shook her head before priceing in up.

"Thats, £80" she said giving Louis a I know you don't have the money sort of look.

He gave her a smirk, before placing tfour twenty pound notes in her hand. She nodded at us and we left the shop.

As we left, I heard a bunch on teenage girls whispering.

"Isn't that Zayn," one on of them hissed.

"Maybe we should go over their" I hissed to Lima pointing at a dark alley way.

As we were walking over the to the alley way. Some girl who looked about 18 passed us in her car, she looked at us looking confused. I had to admit she was really pretty.

She seemed to be staring at me to, it was almost like I knew her from some where but I wasn't sure where.

|As she left, we walked back to the house.

For an afternoon of water fighting and ice cream, anfd the boys better take me out for nandos for tea, otherwise I will not be happy.

That girl was still in the back of my mind though, but I wasn't sure why.


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