Forever Found

On September 19th 1993, a mother gave birth to triplets. However the mother panicked not knowing what to do and when no one was looking she ran. Leaving her new born triplets at the hospital.
The triplets are sent off to live with other families. Jess went to live with a young couple in a small village, while Niall went off to live with a couple that lived in Ireland. Emily the last triplet (or you could say the runt of the litter) never found a family. So as a newborn baby she was sent to an orphanage in London.
This is the story of the triplets, Jess, Niall and Emily. Will they ever meet in the future?

Sorry this is such a pooey blurb but the story will be so much better :D
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3. Chapter 3


Emily's Pov


I woke up startled to a screaming noise which was coming from downstairs, realising it was proberly one of the younger kids demanding something. I sighed and layed back down, and glanced over to my clock. It was only 7 o'clock great. Ugh I hate waking up early. Then I remembered. It was my birthday today. 18. Finally! 

I decided to jump out of bed seen as I know I won't be able to get back to sleep, I picked an outfit out of the very few clothes I have. I wish someone adopted me. You see I live in an orphanage in London. I have lived here my whole life. For some reason no one wanted to adopt me. And as time went by I grew older. And older. And older. And no one wants to adopt a teenager they would rather adopt some cute little baby or toddler.

I went over to my wonky mirror and sighed. I ran to the showers hoping there would be some hot water left, and to my luck there wasn't, so I tried to have a really quick shower in the freezing cold, and too be honest with you I felt like I was skinny dipping in Antarica. Strange I know. But it's true. 

I got out of the shower, dried myself then I pulled on some darks blue high waisted denim shorts and I pulled on a white tank top and tucked it into my shorts. I then grabbed my brush and started to brush my hair.

"ARE YOU DONE IN THERE SOME PEOPLE GOTTA PEE!!" I heard someone yell on the otherside of the door. I sighed, and quickly applied my mascara and a tad of concealer. Then I slowly opened the bathroom door. And ran out getting glares from people on my way.

I don't understand why no one likes me, they just don't the treat me like poo every day and I hate it.

I ran downstairs. And into the kitchen were some of the little kids were. I saw Mrs. Potter the head who works here reading the newspaper and sitting at the kitchen table. I walked over to her and said morning in my happiest voice. Hoping for her to look up and realise that it was my birthday. But instead she looked up mumbled a good morning and carried on reading the news paper. Gee thanks.

I shrug it off and wandered over to the fruit bowl and grabbed an apple. The went back over to Mrs. Potter.

"Hey Mrs.Potter?" I asked politly.

"Hm...?" She hummed in response.

"Can I go out today?" I asked quietly praying that she would say yes.

"No!" She snapped rather sternly. She cleared her throat and carried on talking "You can't go out today you have got to many chores to do young lady. And I need you too look after the little kids while I go out later on this evening. Okay?" She questioned not once looking up from her paper. I groaned then stormed off. Why me!? There were loads of other older kids yet they didn;t have to do as many chores as I have to do. It's just not fair. And what makes it worse it that nobody remembered my birhtday. Ha. Good to know I'm not invisible around here. Although thinking of being invisible that would be really fun! And from then on I let my mind wander.


Hey lovelies so I hope you like the last chappie and this one! These first few chappies are only going to be filler type chapters so the book will get better as I get more into it! I hope you enjoy! Have a lovely morning, evening, night, or whatever time of day it is there and I bid you all farewell and goodnight (until the next chapter haha) Love ya xxx 

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