Forever Found

On September 19th 1993, a mother gave birth to triplets. However the mother panicked not knowing what to do and when no one was looking she ran. Leaving her new born triplets at the hospital.
The triplets are sent off to live with other families. Jess went to live with a young couple in a small village, while Niall went off to live with a couple that lived in Ireland. Emily the last triplet (or you could say the runt of the litter) never found a family. So as a newborn baby she was sent to an orphanage in London.
This is the story of the triplets, Jess, Niall and Emily. Will they ever meet in the future?

Sorry this is such a pooey blurb but the story will be so much better :D
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2. Chapter 2


Niall's Pov


"HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY NIALLER!!" Someone screamed into my ear. I groaned and pulled my pillow over my head.

"Come onnnnn wakey wakey!" Another voice spoke. I groaned again as a response.

"WAKE THE HELL UP NIALL!!" The voice spoke again. This time I decided I should get up. I sat up rubbing my eyes tiredly. 

"Finallyy!!" Liam said walking into my room. I rolled my eyes at my five best mates standing in my room.

"Niall get dressed then come downstairs." Zayn said as he was walking out of the room. I smiled at them and as soon as they were gone I jumped out of my bed and ran to the bathroom, turning on the shower waiting for it to warm up. I took off my boxers threw them in the corner of the room and hopped into the shower.

Once I was down I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around my waist and went back into my room. I got dressed in some casual clothes then sorted my hair out. 

When I was done I went down stairs buzzing with excitement. Today I am finally 18.

I walked into the kitchen, suddenly smelling food! Lot's of food! I went over to the table to see lot's of food and a birthday cake in the middle of it all. 

"That foods all yours Niall, eat as much as you want!" Harry said smiling. I ran over and 'man' hugged him then ran back over to the table that carried those delicous treats.

I sat down in front of the mound of food with my mouth watering wondering where I should start. Hmm... After a while of just looking at the food I started with the plate of bacon, then ate the rest of the food that was on the table apart from the cake as I'm feeling nice enough to share it.

"I see you ate all of the food!" Liam came in laughing. I nodded. Ugh I feel like a bowling ball! 

"So what does the birthday boy wanna do today?" Zayn questioned, I shrugged in response.

"I dunno, maybe hang out or something." I answered. I walked into the sitting room, and suddenly noticed a load of balloons. I smirked to myself. Oh I do love balloons. I walked over to the sofa when I noticed a pile of cards and presents. My eyes widened. I HAVE PRESENTS!

"Haha Nialler you can open them if you want." Harry said while chuckling. I did all of the cards first, most of them were from my family giving me money, then next onto the presents. I picked up the one that was nearest to me. It was from Louis. I opened the present, inside was a key ring that read 'Keep calm and love carrots' on it. I chuckled lightly. Then underneath the keyring was a signed picture of himself. Oh Louis!

"Thanks Louis!" I smiled at him. Ok next present. Harry's. I opened the present and inside was an IPhone case with a cat on the back. And I have to admit it was really cute.

"Haha thanks Hazza"I chuckled at him, and he gave me nod in return, next was Zayn's then Liams. Zayn got me a mirror, and Liam got me some food from all the different countries we've toured in. 

I put the presents to the side and then the lads and I began watching football and drinking beer. That's pretty much my birthday. We stayed inside most of the day as well cause it tipped down with rain. And Londons no fun in the rain. 

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