Mine forever (13+)

I never thought I would become part of my cousins spy agency’s new recruit. Mission protect 1d, there’s just one problem I have to pretend to be Zayn's girlfriend, great now I'm pratically his forever. Zayn malik the boy who beat me, and left me broken. Number one rule of being undercover, try not to be stuck loving a guy you really hate.


4. Chapter 3- Time to go



I woke up, to the sound of Toby yelling at me to tell me to get out. I groaned and shoved my head back under the pillow, it was way too early to get up, I was exhausted.

The last few days had been a blur, a cold stressful, surreal blur. I arrived at HQ with Toby three days ago thinking training was going to be easy but how wrong could I be.

For the last three days, I've had  Toby yelling at me at 7 in the morning, trainers telling me to get fitter and the head guy giving me really off pointing looks, while I 'm training. And to top it all off I haven't even met, the people I was doing this for One Direction, I just couldn't stop imagining the look on Zayn’s face when he sees me.

"Alina you have to put at training in five minutes," Toby called walking into my room and shaking me.

"It's too early," I moaned pushing him away.

"Listen dwarf," he snapped, suddenly turning cold and using my old high school nick name, "I worked my butt off to get you job so be grateful ok"?

"Sorry," I mumbled feeling shocked Toby never snaps, wow this job must be more stressful then I thought.

"It's ok, just get dressed".

With that he left the room. I slipped out of bed groaning, in pain. My whole body was fucking killing me, the stupid, gun trainer who showed me who to shoot a gun, made me stay till 2am last night just because I broke one of the guns and he was seriously peed off with me.

I staggered over to my clothes and threw them on, a white t-shirt, with a pair of tight black skinny jeans and a leather jacket quite a cool outfit. I was sick of this job though, people always say beign a spy sounds awesome but take my word for it, and it isn't.

I tied my brown hair, into a ponytail, before shoving on a bit of makeup and meeting Toby by the door. His outfit was identical to mine (except his jeans weren't so tight).

"That was quick", he said looking down at his watch.

"Hey I'm not always in my room to 11," I laughed as we walked over to HQ.

Toby lives in a flat, right in the building because the base is so secret he can't go outside the "force field" as they call it dressed like this.

We went back into the store room and arrived back in the room Toby first took me to.

"You're late agent 91 and 101" the boss snapped pointing to the large clock on the wall.

I rolled my eyes at him, Jesus Christ were 5 seconds late and he goes funny wow he's got issues.

I didn't notice before, but now I saw he was standing next to another guy I'd never seen before. What was he another spy or something?

"Agent 101, this is Paul," he said pointing to the man.

He said it like, I was supposed to know who this guy was, I don't know any one called Paul, well except my friends gold fish which I kind of killed when I was five (long story). However this guy was definitely not a dead gold fish.

"I'm one directions bodyguard," he called

That made a lot more sense, but wait if one direction's bodyguard is here that must mean.

"Agent 101 meet one direction".

I watched, as Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and then Zayn came into the room. Niall gave me a small grin, while Harry waved, Louis pulled a funny face and Liam shook his head apolgetily at me

Then the devil himself Zayn malik, came over he held his head high and quickly glanced at me. He did a double take and looked at me in alarm.

I narrowed my eyes, and looked at him with a frosty glare. He shoved his finger up at me before joining the rest of the boys who were standing in front of Paul.

"Boys this is Alina, Alina this is Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn".

They all grinned at me, except Zayn who was sending me death glares. I decided to ignore him, of course putting up with that ass was going to be painful, but at least I had the rest of the boys.

"Alina, here’s a note of what we want you to do, now go in there and get to know the boys," he handed me a piece of paper  and pointed to a door marked, sitting room.

I nodded, before beckoning the boys and walking into the room. As soon, as we were all sitting down on the two large, sofas Zayn lost it.

"What the hell are you doing here,?" he yelled throwing his arm in the air in frustration.

"I'm tempted to ask you the same question Malik," I replied leaning backwards and fanning myself with the piece of paper.

"Um do you to know, each other"? Niall asked noticing the look on Zayns face.


Do we know each other? He was my school enemy, he nicked my bike when I was 12, stole my phone when I was 14, set my only friend against me when I was 15, and urinated on my mums car when I was 16, don't ask about the last one, I think he was drunk (I hope he was drunk).

I didn't say any of this out loud, though I just nodded.

After that, there was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes.

"So you better read, that then," Harry piped up a while later pointing to the piece of paper.

I nodded and scanned through it read:

Agent 101 (Alina)

Your mission is to protect one direction, and to help track down the guy who almost attacked them. You will be disguised as Zayn's new girlfriend and..

Wait what; my heart started pounding so hard that I thought it was going to fall out my chest. I have to pretend to be Zayn’s girlfriend, what?





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