Mine forever (13+)

I never thought I would become part of my cousins spy agency’s new recruit. Mission protect 1d, there’s just one problem I have to pretend to be Zayn's girlfriend, great now I'm pratically his forever. Zayn malik the boy who beat me, and left me broken. Number one rule of being undercover, try not to be stuck loving a guy you really hate.


3. Chapter 2-Did I just say yes?


After I'd said goodbye to Toby, I leaned back in my chair feeling to shock to do anything. I can't believe I said yes, I'm mental I like the 1d and under cover part, I just don't like the Zayn Malik part.

My tummy started rumbling and I realized, it was 1:30 and I hadn't even had any breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and just ate a piece of toast. I had mixed emotions, I was happy that I'd finally got a job and I could show off to Emma, but there was no way I could face that ass again.

As I was pouring a large glass of Pepsi my phone rung.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey Alina," Emma replied.

"What do you want"? I asked, deciding this was a good time to tell her about my job.

"Look you know Ashley, my boyfriend he wants us to move in together so I'm selling the flat".

My heart started pounding, and I felt sick if she sells the flat then were the hell, am I supposed to live. The only way to stop myself from ending up on the streets was to take the job, hopeful Toby will let me stay with him.

"Alina," she snapped "Is that ok"?

"Yeah, it's great I'm moving out anyway I've got a job," I lied.

Well the job part wasn't a lie just the where I'm going to live is a lie.

"Oh that's great finally you've got a job, talk to you later bye".

She hung up the phone. I ran back to my bedroom panicking a little this job better come with accommodation. Even though it was only 2:00 I thought I might as well pack. I should've asked Toby if I actually have somewhere to stay but it sounds so stupid.



Two hours later, I was packed, and ready to go. I looked up at the clock which read 4:00 wondering exactly what to do, he said evening but what time is that supposed to mean.

I walked in the living room, flung myself on the sofa and switched on TV. I finally found the film bride wars and got lost in it for a while.

Bang bang

I jumped a while later as somebody rang the doorbell, I quickly checked myself out in the mirror before casually opening the door, where Toby was standing.

He looked pretty hot, with his tousled blond hair, swept into a fringe, and he was wearing a fitted jack wills t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, wow if he doesn't have a girlfriend I'll tell Zayn I love him.


"Hey thanks for taking the job," he said walking into the flat.

"No problem," I replied showing him into the living room.

"Hey um, is it ok if you stay with me, it's just nobody can know that you’re the spy?" he asked as I sat down next to him.

I felt relieved; at least I didn't have to worry about, Emma selling the flat then. When the jobs over I'll have to find somewhere, but who cares about the future let's live for now.




Half an hour later, Toby and I left my flat and got into his car. It was a black convertible with all sorts of gadgets in it, and heated seats; I think I'm going to like this job.

"So how long do, I have to train for"? I asked shivering in my thin denim jacket, this car may be awesome, but in the cold December, winter its freezing.

"Only a few days, the head of HQ need's someone really soon".

This all seemed to be happening, way too fast I was feeling lost. I'm just your average, single and very lazy girl from London. I don't go round capturing criminals or saving people’s lives I'm just the girl nobody pays attention to, the girl nobody cares about, the school loser.

By this time, my eyelids felt heavy and I couldn't stop yawning, I looked down at my watch to see that it was already 9pm wow time really does fly.

Just as, I was starting to doze off Toby's phone rang and he started talking into the ear piece, he was wearing.

"Hey agent 99, is everything ok"? Toby asked.

Agent 99, started shouting at him, he was so loud that my ear started ringing.

"Yep, don't worry I've got someone, my cousin she's 18 and will be perfect for the job".

More angry noises came, from agent 99.

"Ok bye".

He switched off his ear piece and drove up to what looked like a huge shopping centre. We climbed out of the car and I stared up at it in amazement.

"Like it"? He asked putting on a pair of sunglasses.

"Yeah it's awesome," I replied.

"Well wait to you see inside," he smirked.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me into a small white room, with a few chairs stacked in the corner and a store room in the corner. Toby walked up to the store room, slid the light switch across reviling a DNA scanner, he placed his thumb on it and took me into the store room.

"Ok this might sound, like a really obvious question but why are in a store cupboard"?

He didn't answer, he just pointed to a lever in the corner. I pulled the lever, and nothing happened but suddenly we were shooting underground. I wanted to scream in fear, but I just bit my lip instead.

After what seemed like forever, the lift stopped at a huge room. I stepped out and looked round in amazement in front of me were tons of people, trying out new gadgets, hitting cardboard targets with guns and talking into headsets.

"Now this is what, I call amazing," I gasped.

"I know right," Toby grinned flicking his fringe out of his eyes, "this way".

He led me towards, a group of five guys who were sitting round a table yelling at each other. Toby coughed loudly, and the guy at the head of the table, who I guessed was the head, came over to me.

"Agent 91, is this the girl you've brought us"? He asked giving me a cold hard glare.

Toby, who I guessed was agent 91, nodded at the guy, "Sir this is my cousin Alina".

His piercing blue eyes, fixed on me as he raised his eyebrows higher and higher. I gulped what if he chucked me out? What if said I was to weedy? What if he.....

"Alina," he yelled making me jumping.

"Yes...” I said uncertainly.

He stuck out his large pink hand, "Welcome to the team"...


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