Mine forever (13+)

I never thought I would become part of my cousins spy agency’s new recruit. Mission protect 1d, there’s just one problem I have to pretend to be Zayn's girlfriend, great now I'm pratically his forever. Zayn malik the boy who beat me, and left me broken. Number one rule of being undercover, try not to be stuck loving a guy you really hate.


2. Chapter 1-new job


"Alina," wake up yelled a voice.

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes, my room mate Emma was hitting me with a pillow. She was rolling her brown eyes, which were heavly outlined with eyeliner at me, her blond hair looked perfectt even though she'd just woke up and her face was flawess not a single spot.

"What time is it," I moaned wrapping myself up in my duvet.

"Almost ten, now get up".

She grabbed my duvet from my grasp and chucked in onto the floor. With that she reached the door before yelling something about finiding a job.

I sighed before sitting up and running my hand thorugh my strangly black hair. I guess now it's offical I really need a job. I'm 18 living with my best mate who works as a astro thingy or whatever the flipping word is. She has a football boyfriend and heaps of money. On the other hand I lay in bed all morning, I'm single and I have no job and zero money welcome to my world.

I slipped out of bed and checked my twitter to see if there was anything exicting, nope all it said was Alina woods 0 followers, not even Emma follows me how sad is that.

I ran to the bathroom and switched the radio on. Check out how cool I am I have a radio in the bathroom, I'm weird ok.

I tuned into heart fm just as one direction I would came onto the radio. I started singing along as I got into the shower.

As soon as it turned to, Zayns part I got out the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and turned it off. I can't stand Zayn. Emma keeps telling me I'm a directionator as I hate him but I have a better reason.

At school he was my bully, he beat me, he nicked my pocket money, he called me dwarf, he teased me and left me broken. Thanks to Zayn malik my life is officaly a mess.


As soon as the bell went for the end of the lesson, I rushed out of the classroom determied to get there before Zayn.

"Oi dwarf where are you going"? Zayn asked smirking a mate either side of him.

"Um just um," I didn't know what to say he was giving me this great big fake smile, that was really annoying me.

Before I knew what else, was happening I felt a large slap against my cheek. I collasped tot eh ground in paim. Zayn sniggered before walking off.

I clenched my hands into a fist, I hate him I hate him. Just because I'm short and weedy, and can't stick up for myself Zayn hates me.

I walked over to a dark alcove behind the gymn. I put my knees up agains my chin and let the tears fall out I hated my life, there was no point of me living.

I looked down at my wrists which, were covered in self harming marks. I looked round the darkness around me, I wasn't going to give up, while Zayn works as a binman or something I'll be the one to get through just wait and see malik, just wait and see.

                                                             End of flashback

I shivered rembering it as I started getting dressed, it's not the bit about the slap that annoyed me, it's the bit about me succeding and him failing. Yeah that really happened while he's in a world famous boy band i'm stuck, staying with a friend.

I changed into, a white hollister thsirt and a pair of skinny jeans, before sitting down in front of my laptop randomly searching on the web.

Before I so much as typed soemthing in, a news aid flashed onto the screen, I clicked on it and started reading.

One direction in danger

The world famous boyband one direction, were almost attacked at a concert last night by a unknown male. Witness say the man, looked about thirty with blondish hair and wearing a leather jacket, if noticed tell police immdetiatly.

Harry styles a member of one direction said that, 'It was shocking' and it was 'terrifying'. Now due to what happened a secret undercover spy will be protecting the boys, who this spy will be no one knows.

Wow I had to admit that was probably the most exicting thing that had happened all year, imagine protecting 1d and being under cover that sound pretty awesome.

I logged into my gmail account and saw, I had a new email from my cousin Toby. He works for some police company thing, I'm not really sure though as he's always traveling I haven't heard from him in over six months.

To: Alina

From: Toby

Subject: important

Hey Alina how are you? So I would love to yap on for hours about life but I need to ask you something. Did you read the news story about one direction, being attacked?

Because I work for that agency and their, looking for a inncoent looking girl of about 16 to be undercover, and I though you'd be perfect, I can train you and then send you in.

Sorry if this is a bit rushed, but we need someone now.

Toby xx

I read the email in shock, me an under cover spy, but I'm not trained is Toby mental why me, I couldn't  even look after my friends pet gold fish when I was five, let as known a boyband which just  happens to have my worst enemy in it.

I had to talk to him face to face, this isn't something I can just email about. I switched on my webcam and searched Toby's name, I was begging that he'd answer this could be a job of a life time for me.

"Hey Toby,"I called as he face appeared on the screen.

"Hey Alina, sorry about the sudden email but I just think you'd be great at teh job, your small and innocent looking," he begged.

"But Toby, I'd need years of training," I protested.

He looked at me, with those big brown eyes, he used to use when we were five and he was begging his mum, for a biscuit.

"Look if I come round tonight, take you back to HQ and start training you, you'll be ready in a few days trust me it's not that hard,".

I thought about it for a few seconds, in sounded crazy, and mad. But I could just se the look on Emma's face if I said no.

"Do we have a deal," he asked.

"Deal," I nodded.

 "Great" he yelled, "I'll come around at about 8 trust me you won't regret it".

I said goodbye before switching off my laptop, I think I already had regreted it.



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