Saved but still trapped ( Zayn Malik Fanfic )

Kayleigh Rims is 17and is abused by her father life has been like this since her mother died three years ago. When Kaileigh's best friend Claire gets two front row tickets to a one direction concert Kayleigh sneaks out to see them knowing the consequences that will follow. She doesn't care she just want to see the five boys she's loved since x factor. While waiting for the boys to come out Eleanor comes out and mentions the raffle tickets everyone was handed on their way in. Only one person wins and can't bring any one with them. What happens when Kayleigh's raffle ticket happens to be the winning ticket? And she has Love at first sight with one of the boys?


13. Chapter 9


Zayn's P.O.V

     "Zayn run he's going to jump" Kayleigh panicked as she turned around and I followed as we took of with Harry, Liam, and Louis right in front of us as Kayleigh's dad chases us.

     Niall was just getting in the tour bus from putting all the suit cases in when he saw us and his eyes widened. He quickly got in and then Harry, Liam, and Louis stopped right by the door. I did to Kayleigh you need to get on first she nodded and ran up the steps into the tour bus.

     After Kayleigh ran in the tour bus her dad came and Harry punched him on the side of his head "don't you ever come near her again!" Harry yelled at him. Harry, Liam, and Louis got on after that but I stayed. "Why do you have to take your anger and sadness out on her she did nothing to you?!" "She's the reason my wife is dead!" "SHE DIED OF BRAIN CANCER WHY WOULD THINK IM THE REASON SHES DEAD!!!??" I jumped Kayleigh was listening to me and him argue and was now standing right beside me yelling at him I didn't know she was there. "YOU WERE IN THE ROOM WHEN SHE DIED ONLY YOU WERE IN THE ROOM YOU KILLED HER!!!" That made me angry "KAYLEIGH WOULDN'T KILL HER MOM SHE DIED FROM CANCER KAYLEIGH JUST SO HAPPENED TO BE THE ONLY ONE IN THE ROOM WHEN SHE PASSED AWAY!!!" Kayleigh took a step towards him "HOW COULD YOU THINK I KILLED HER SHE HAD BRAIN CANCER AND WE WERE SO CLOSE WE WERE MORE LIKE BEST FRIENDS THAN MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BUT YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW THAT CAUSE YOU WERE ALWAYS WORKING, IN YOUR OFFICE, OR ON BUSINESS TRIPS!!!!" Kayleigh was now in tears and her dad looked angry with in a blink of an eye he pushed her down and kicked her stomach and arm yelling "DON'T YOU EVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT AGA-" I  cut him off by pushing him to the ground "I TOLD YOU TO NEVER TOUCH HER AGAIN!!!" I yelled and punched him Liam ran out and picked Kayleigh up and brought her inside the bus while Louis got me off of her dad and Harry kicked his stomach and then Louis kicked his arm.

     As soon as I got in the tour bus I ran over to the couch Kayleigh was laying down on. She had her hands covering her face as she cried. Eleanor was sitting on the edge of the couch rubbing her back. I got on my knees in front of the couch and stoked her hair. Eleanor whispered something to Louis he nodded and signaled to the guys and they left the room shutting the door. I smiled to myself I have to thank her later on for giving us some privacy.

    "Kayleigh c'mon it's just me and you" I whispered. She slowly took her hands away from her face. "Why would he say I killed my mum?" Kayleigh whispered between sobs. She scooted closer to where I was kneeling on the side of the couch and put her face in my shirt crying. "He's just messed up in the head you did nothing wrong." I whispered rubbing her back. I lifted up the sleeve to her coat and right there above her elbow was a red mark. She looked up at me "thank you so much Zayn for saving me" she whispered and then scooted over and patted the spot the huge couch. I layed down next to her and there was still more space on the couch I just noticed how big it was. "I would've saved you anyways love" I leaned in a kissed her. She tangled her fingers in me hair and I had my arms wrapped round her waist. I pulled her closer to me and she winced letting out a small cry of pain. My eyes widened "OH MY GOD KAYLEIGH I'M SO SORRY I FOR GOT ABOUT YOU STOMACH AND HOW HE JUST KICKED YOU!!" I panicked. "It's ok Zayn it's not your fault" she whispered. I kept my arms around her waist and didn't have to close it would hurt her though I wanted her closer. After 2 minutes of laying with each other I had to tell her something "Kayleigh?" she looked up at me "yeah Zayn?" I took a deep breathe " I love you so much it hurts me to see you in pain." She smiled " I love you to Zayn." "Zayn where the next concert?" "In Las Vegas" I answered.
"How long will it take to get there?" "About 5 and a half hours." "Ok."

    After 10 minutes Kayleigh was asleep and I was really tired I looked at the time is was 3 a.m. I picked Kayleigh up and walked over to the bunk room everyone was asleep. I placed Kayleigh in what was now our bunk on the top then climbed in next to her closed the little curtain and kissed Kayleigh on the forehead before whispering good night and wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her a little closer but not to close and falling asleep.




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